Our Story

 Hi there, I’m


Founder and Creative Director of Padtastic | Wife to one! - Robert
Mum to two beautiful daughters - Emily and Jade
Entrepreneur | Obsessive list maker!

It is an interesting story of how Padtastic became to be.

It was actually by accident. It all started in 2012 when I was looking for something special and unique to gift one of my girls’ teachers. Robert and I own a commercial print and design company, so I had the idea of creating a personalised and useful gift which was how our first notepad was created. It was an absolute hit!

Padtastic soon became my creative outlet. My passion project. My side hustle. And I loved every minute of it.

I quickly recognised that it was not just a gift giving item but one that could help organise and simplify people’s lives and clear their minds, which was exactly what these products were doing for me!

When things were hectic at work, my mind was going into overload. I was waking up at 3am with the sense of overwhelm, head cluttered and no plan for the day. I started putting pen to paper to brain dump the tonne of thoughts running through my head. I made lists for the day that helped me to stay focused, motivated and kept my mind clear. My notepad became more than just a notepad - it became a tool for a calmer life, a clearer mind and purpose-filled day.

Since finding my purpose, I’ve injected more energy and focus into Padtastic and it’s now much more than my side hustle. Sometimes I even feel a *tiny* bit of guilt for having this much fun at work!

My passion and dreams keep me inspired daily and it fills my heart to know that our products are helping people feel more in control, less overwhelmed and to stay organised.

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