Get to know the gals behind the brand



Amanda started Padtastic actually by accident. It all started a number of years ago when she was looking for something special and unique to gift to one of her girls’ teachers. Her husband and herself own a commercial print and design company, so had the idea of creating a personalised and useful gift which was how the first notepad was created. It was an absolute hit!

She quickly recognised that it was not just a gift giving item but one that could help organise and simplify people’s lives and clear their minds, which was exactly what these products were doing for her!

When things were hectic at work, and Amanda’s mind was going into overload, waking up at 3am with the sense of overwhelm, head cluttered and no plan for the day, making lists for the day helped her stay focused, motivated and kept her mind clear. Her notepad became more than just a notepad - it became a tool for a calmer life, a clearer mind and purpose-filled day. It helped to reduce her mental load that was crippling. 



When an opportunity came up for Emily to join Padtastic full time she jumped at the chance. You see she was always very involved being Amanda’s daughter, with giving her thoughts, ideas and was really passionate about writing everything down.

Her desire to help others with their mental load, health and feelings of overwhelm comes from her own experience and struggles. It’s this that drives her to share, educate and inspire others. Stationery has been a powerful tool for her to regain control, purpose and clarity 

Her love for paper products and creativity shines through and is often the face you’ll see in stories, videos and on the feed.