About Us

At Padtastic, our passion is centred on creating charming personalised paper products designed to warm the heart of all who receive and use them.

Padtastic actually grew from our own desire to create something wonderful and personalised for a special person in our lives.

That desire to create wonderful things has seen the Padtastic personalised printed product range grow over time. We began printing personalised A5 sized notepads in 2012. Today we print personalised notepads in a range of sizes, including A4, A5, and A6. Our personalised product range is growing and changing all the time.

As experienced printers and designers by trade, we pay close attention to every detail, regardless of the product we are personalising and printing. Paper quality is high, our designs are delightful and our printing is precise. We deliver on the promises we make and aim to exceed our customers’ expectations from the moment of first contact through to delivery and beyond.

 We take our design inspiration from the world around us and the personalities of the people we meet. This includes being inspired by our customers’ creative ideas. We have more than 130 designs available — there’s something for everyone in the Padtastic range — and we have loads of fun in the studio creating new designs to add to our range, which is why we do it so often!

Padtastic personalised printed products have a place in everyday life and also in a corporate setting. They can be found in the handbags and backpacks of, and on the desks and benchtops of busy, organised people. They can also be found in the hands of those who treasure beautiful things and just love to write.

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