Year in Review

What an amazing journey 2016 has been for the team at Padtastic!  With the launch of our new website in August, Padtastic hit the ground running with all systems go!

Behind the scenes, the design team was not only busy designing the new website but also putting together our collection of new and refreshed notepad designs. In addition to our A5 notepads we introduced our A5 premium notepad and A4 notepad range.

Just as we launched into the new website, we were busy collaborating on our new project with Leanne Baker on the design of the 2017 Leanne Baker Daily Planners.

Then social media just exploded! Leanne’s loyal and passionate followers were quick to jump on board and the support and feedback has been amazing.

Moving into the New Year, the Padtastic team will be launching new designs and new products so keep in touch over social media and sign up to our newsletter for updates and promotions.

What were our best sellers this year? The Navy & Gold LBD Planner was the most popular planner design with LBD Confetti notepad design coming in a close second! From the Padtastic A5 notepad range our top sellers included Coloured Pencils, I love Maths, Studious Giraffe, Tree of Knowledge and Beautiful Butterfly!

We have been absolutely thrilled with the positive feedback this year and look forward to a great 2017! Thank you for all of your support.

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