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They say a change is as good as a holiday… well, if I was given the choice I know which one I would choose, but in the absence of a first class round the world trip, I’d really love to take some time to tell you about some changes we’ve made on the Padtastic website!



The A5 Notepad Collection and the A4 Notepad collection have become one! This means that every notepad that was previously available in the A5 Collection is now available in both A5 and A4 in the new Classic Collection. And to top it off, A4 notepads in the new Classic Collection have dropped in price to $13.95!

A5 or A4 sizes in the Classic Collection


Shopping Lists now have a collection of their own!



There are no longer any message selection options. Whatever you enter in the "Personalise your notepad" box is EXACTLY what will be printed on your notepad. It’s all up to you!

The only restriction you may have is in the length of your message. Some designs allow more room for text than others. When deciding on your message please be aware of the space restrictions of your chosen design, and be aware that our designers will have final say on layout if the message is too lengthy.

Need inspiration? We’ve added some Message Suggestions to help you along – the link can be found on the product page just above the “Personalise your Notepad” box. Whether you are after something quite sensible, creative or a little bit kooky, you’ll find something here or be inspired to think of something else!

Message Suggestions Link


There is now a VIEW FONT OPTIONS link above the font selection buttons on each product page. Clicking on the link will open a new window with samples of fonts A through to F so you can easily decide which you would like to use on your notepad.

Font Options Link


We have changed Font D in our selection. Please make sure you VIEW FONT OPTIONS before making your selection. Our product images are being updated to reflect this change.

Font D New


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