Unveiling the Daily Planner That Brightens Your Day: Meet Padtastic’s Latest Creation!

Say hello to our brand new 2024 Daily Planner! It’s not just a planner—it's pretty much the human embodiment of a confetti cannon of happiness. This beauty was born out of sheer love and—guess what—a gazillion requests from our Padtastic community. When you ask, we listen!

Okay, so here's the tea ☕: this planner was a last-minute decision. Creating this planner was, to be perfectly honest, a whirlwind of creativity, sweat, and maybe a tiny tear or two [or big fat ones!]. Picture this: we crafted this masterpiece in just 3 weeks! That's right, just 21 days to brainstorm, design, print, bind, and produce a planner that packs a punch of vibrant dopamine hits and also keeps you organised. Now, that’s what we call Padtastic magic!

The process was short, sweet but oh so intense.

  • Brainstorming & Conceptualising: Everything starts with an idea, right? Well, we had plenty! 🧠

  • Designing the Cover: Oh, we had so much fun with this one. 

  • Picking Colours & Fonts: Inspired by the ocean, our favourite pink drinks, and everything that lights up our life, we chose the most 'us' palette possible. 🌈

  • Designing the Internal Layout & Tab Pages: This part is crucial and time-consuming, but when you're obsessed with what you do, it’s all worth it.

  • Writing the Info/Welcome Pages: We penned down the heart and soul of what this planner means to us and you. 📝

  • Printing, Binding, Quality Checks: The perks of being your own manufacturer mean zero waiting time. We oversaw each detail, ensuring that what you hold in your hands is nothing short of perfection. 📘

This planner embodies all the things we absolutely adore—colour, individuality, and mental well-being. It also offers functionality with quick tips to make the most out of your days. So, whether you're ticking off your to-dos or jotting down some self-care rituals, this planner has got your back. 💖

As much as we love designing and creating, this project was a whole different ball game. Crafting this planner in 3 weeks was not for the faint of heart. Let's not sugar-coat it though - it was a labour of love and some pretty hectic work days. With other projects buzzing around, it sure did make our workload buzzier. 

We literally saw every dot, dash, and splash of colour come to life in front of our eyes. It's that magical moment of seeing everything come together that reminds us why we do what we do. This planner is the culmination of a ton of hard work, endless creativity, and a dash of madness—and we wouldn't have it any other way! But oh my, is this planner worth it? Absolutely!

What sets this planner apart from any other? Well apart from the fact it has the Padtastic touch,  it’s designed with a mental load reduction focus. You’re carrying enough on your plate, so we want to help you carry it with style and ease. Having a daily planner can genuinely make your day calmer and your tasks more purpose-filled. And let's not forget that feeling of crossing things off the list. Dopamine hit? Oh yes, please!

With this planner, we're not just organising your life; we're brightening your days, lifting your spirits, and truly celebrating life in all its colourful glory. This daily planner is not just a tool; it's a statement that life is too short to be boring! Cheers to a more organised, joyful, unboring and 'FUNtastic' 2024!

Planner launches 1st October 6.30pm AEST - become a VIP and get early access plus an exclusive free gift!! 

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