Understanding and overcoming overwhelm

Overwhelm is a [crummy] guest that’s overstayed its welcome… and boy, does it not know how to take a hint. 

Like all feelings, overwhelm is pretty inevitable. It’s the stressed, panicked, always on the verge of tears state of mind that holds us down when life gets too full on. Like there’s the literal weight of the world on our shoulders.

Not only does that mess with our mind, but our body and soul, too. Which is why getting on top of it is so important! 

To reduce overwhelm and get back to a more pleasant place, here are some quick actionable steps to take:

1. Learn your limits — set your boundaries

Think back to the last time you were overwhelmed. Did you say “yes” to too many tasks? Were you involuntarily made to take on more than any one person can handle? It’s crucial to understand how much you can do before reaching breaking point — giving you the know-how needed to stay out of the overwhelm zone.

With that know-how, it will be easier to set the right boundaries. Say “no” when you need to. Be honest with your boss or family members and tell them you need to share your overwhelming workload and tasks. Everything will work out one way or another, and you won’t need to sacrifice your wellbeing in the process.


2. Slow down

We know…this is SO much easier said than done! But for the love of your sanity, please take time to slow down when life becomes overwhelming.

Fill your downtime with things that lift you up — go out for a nice dinner, take a slow scenic stroll, hit the sauna, journal (can you tell we’ve been needing all of this lately?) — you really have to slow down to speed back up! 


3. Write it down

When overwhelm visits, it feels like all reason flies out the window. Thoughts and emotions become a big, loud cluster fluff. There’s no feeling in control or ability to articulate everything that’s going on up there.

But there’s something that can help you make sense of it all - and that’s writing. It gives you the chance to slow down and gain some clarity in a frazzled state. To let out everything on your mind and find some solutions to your stresses in the process. Do this in the moment, or take on a regular journalling routine to better understand yourself every day, not just when overwhelm hits.


4. Switch off

Screen time isn’t always a great time. Especially when you’re about to have cheeky menty b #3 of the day and see people living their best lives on social media.

Step away from socials and screens and unwind in a healthier way. Read a book, listen to music, give your loved ones a call — be more present to feel less crappy.


Now, even though these are quick actionable steps, it can take time to learn how to say “no” or healthily bring yourself out of overwhelm. So please don’t be hard on yourself if you can’t get there right away!!!

Do your very best and know that this will all get easier one day. You’ve got this xx

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