Top 5 Tips for Staying Motivated!

Part 2 - ‘My 5 Top Tips for Staying Motivated’

This blog follows on from ‘Welcome to my Crazy Life’ published last month and if you’re someone to struggles for motivation then I hope my 5 Top Tips below will help!

Recently on my social platform, Organising with B, I did a post titled ‘Public Announcement – I’m Human’ and it went like this…

“Someone asked me the other day if I ever struggle, struggle to keep up with all I do between working three jobs, studying, dancing and gym and I just wanted to tell people that, YES, of course, I struggle.
I get stressed, I have meltdowns, I get anxious and overwhelmed. I quite regularly get tired and am exhausted and that is all totally okay if you ask me and I’ve come to terms with myself that it’s okay to need time for yourself every now and then and that everything doesn’t have to be completely perfect every second of every day.”

Whilst everything in the post was me being 100% honest something I didn’t include in there is how I fight back when things get tough and not letting one mistake or one failure burn you out.
I believe that motivation is 100% linked to passion. If you have a passion for something you are immediately more motivated to complete that task, or go to work, or the gym or study.



One of my top tips would be to find your passion…find something, a hobby or a job that you are 100% passionate about. Finding your passion can be difficult and everyone takes a different journey to find theirs, but I think this is a definite in life. I was and am extremely lucky as my passions are things I did as a child…dance and teaching others. Once you’ve found a passion you are so much more motivated to go to work or set time aside to do your hobby.

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I also believe that prioritising time for self-education and self-discovery is really important…prioritise time to recharge and refresh if you’re feeling down or feeling like you’re stuck in a rut. If you’re struggling to find your passion give yourself time to experiment and try different things. Once you’ve found your passion make sure you give yourself time to explore this in whichever capacity you can.


I am a massive believer in celebrating everything we can in life! I’d celebrate the tiniest of achievements if I have an endless bank account…but remember it doesn’t need to be a huge celebration. Everyone needs to remember that you still need to celebrate you and your ‘wins’ in life no matter how big or small. I think recording your achievements is a great way to keep track and remind you of how far you’ve come. For example, if Yoga is your passion, every time you achieve a new position correctly write it and the date down or take a photo and create a timeline. Something as simple as that can really prove how far you’ve come and how much you’ve achieved.

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I also believe that a tribe is stronger than the individual…find your tribe and you’ll thrive! For example, keeping motivation through my studies can be very difficult at times however having a supportive group of strong, smart and caring girlfriends gets me through. We whine and complain to each other 24/7 however we always have each other’s backs and will help each other no matter when! Find a buddy to walk with, run with, write with, explore with…you get the gist!

Tip #5 – REST

Rest, Self-Care, Self-Love…whatever you call it, it all has the same meaning…it’s okay to look after yourself and put yourself first! One of the biggest ways I keep my motivation is by taking time out when I’m tired or exhausted or just need a break (sometimes I can’t see when I’m close to a meltdown, but my friends or Mum is always there to tell me to take some time out!) There is nothing wrong with loving yourself and giving back to your body. It could be a massage, a hot cup of tea, a pedicure or a no technology day! There are so many different ideas out there you just need to convince yourself it’s okay to take that time out.

I hope my five tips have helped you with ideas in staying motivated and given you drive to go find your passion.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” - Mark Twain

Lots of love, B


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