The Power of Journaling : 3 Steps to Start Journaling + Handy Prompts

Journaling is my most significant spiritual practices. Over the years, it has brought enormous value to my life. It is a potent tool for creating mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.  

If you’re feeling stuck or nervous about the idea of opening up on the page, don’t worry! I will walk you through 3 steps you can take to start your journaling practice. 


STEP 1: Digital or Handwritten?

Start your practice by choosing your medium. I have used 2 primary methods for my journal over the years: 

  1. Digital journal
  2. Bound notebook + handwriting 

A digital journal might be a Word document or a program like Evernote. This can allow you to travel with your journal via your phone or laptop. 

The other option is a bound notebook that you handwrite in – and it has many benefits. Holding a notebook is a deeply personal experience and it keeps your journal separate from the files and distractions on your computer. 

The slower pace of handwriting can also slow your thinking process down and allow for deeper thoughts (interesting fact: handwriting stimulates 30,000 neurons in your brain, while typing only stimulates 6!).

TIP: If you do choose to handwrite, be sure to choose a journal you LOVE. The right paper type, colour, and cover design can make a world of difference. 


STEP 2: Choose Your Journaling Time 

To create a regular practice for yourself, choose the time of day (or week) you will devote to your journal. 

I find that journaling is the most profound either first thing in the morning upon waking to capture the thoughts fresh, or at the end of the day before you sleep at night. 

I recommend allowing at least 30 minutes to just “be” with your journal. 


STEP 3: Start Writing!  

Having a strategy for your journal practice can help you get in flow when you sit with the blank page. I use a variety of different “entry points” that help me to go within, open up, and start writing. 

The following ideas can spark your inspiration to journal: 

 Start your Journaling practise

Count your blessings

I start every journaling session by counting my blessings. Gratitude is powerful for creating an extraordinary life, and so I make it a regular part of my practice. 

Take the time to write down what you are thankful for: relationships, the team who support you, a roof over your head, experiences you’ve had, opportunities you’ve received.

Write until your mind is present and your heart is open.


Write down the biggest question on your mind

I often use my journal to ask BIG questions about myself and my life. I write the question down. Then, I open it up to my higher mind and the universe to help me find the answer. 

The answer might come a week later – but it always comes.


Capture profound comments or conversations  

One of my favourite uses for journalling is to capture inspiring things someone said to me during the day. I will quote the person and then write my personal feelings or reflections about what they said. 

Example: If someone acknowledge a strength in me, I would write down what they said, then take a few minutes to reflect on it for myself.


Write about significant moments 

If you look for beauty, you will find it. So, using your journal as a place to document the significant moments of your life will help you to see and experience even more of them. 

What you focus on, you attract. 


Document personal realisations 

Journaling provides us with a chance to cultivate our relationship between what is “out there” (the world around us) and “in here” (within our hearts and minds). Use your journal as a place to write about your personal epiphanies or breakthroughs.


Write about what you want in life 

A journal is a fabulous open space to explore your true desires in life. It will help you discover what is truly important to you. 

Spend time reflecting on about your visions, dreams, and goals. Ask yourself, “What do I truly want?” Then, write openly about the life you want to live.


Document your dreams (and their meanings)

If you are a believer that our dreams have meaning, you can use your journal as a place to write down the key symbols from the dream and their meaning. Then, write about how you interpret them in relation to your life. 


Draw an oracle card

If you feel stuck with your journal and don’t know where to start, draw an oracle card out of a deck. Write down the meaning in your journal – and then write about how it relates to your life right now. Use it as a starting point! 


Write a prayer 

I often use my journal to pray: to request something from the universe. I usually underline the word “Prayer” and then I write my prayer after it. 

Sometimes I pray for strength or a confirmation or sign. Other times the prayer might be as specific as: ‘Please provide me with clarity on the best teachings for my mastermind participants this week’ 


Write your feelings and thoughts down 

Of course, you can use your journal as a place to write about your thoughts and feelings. You might review the different areas of your life – mind, body, spirituality, career, business, financial wealth, health – and write openly about them. 

What do you want to change?

How do you feel about where you are?

Where do you want to go?

The beauty of keeping a journal is that there are NO rules. There is no right or wrong approach to it. The power is in the act of doing it, not in getting it ‘right’. So, don’t be scared of the page. It is your safe, sacred space. 


Use your journal as a practice for personal growth, resolving challenges, and unleashing your greatness into the world. Do it for YOU. 


Remember: no one else will read this but you (unless you choose to share it) so this is a great opportunity to build your confidence as a writer.

Enjoy your journaling! 


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