Teachers Gift Ideas

November 06, 2019

Teachers Gift Ideas

As the Christmas season approaches, it’s the perfect time to say thank you to those wonderful teachers in ours and our children’s lives - whether it’s at school, at preschool/kindergarten, daycare, at the local pool for swimming lessons, at our local sporting clubs or creative centres, our babysitters… the list goes on! These people spend time with us and our children, guiding their learning and improving their skills to help them to reach their potential. What better way to show our appreciation than with a meaningful gift, and to save you feeling overwhelmed this Christmas, I’ve put together some easy, cheap and fun teacher gift ideas!


Notepad or notebook

My personal favourite is a Padtastic notepad or notebook, for a few reasons! Firstly, everyone can use a notepad, especially teachers, as they are very practical – for jotting down ideas, things to remember, writing a quick note for a student or another teacher for example. Secondly, you can personalise the notepad design, size, choose whether it’s lined or blank, the font and message, so that the gift becomes particularly meaningful to your individual teacher.

There are plenty of floral designs for those teachers who like gardening, or music-themed designs for a music teacher, travel-inspired designs for the teacher who loves travelling, or dance-themed for your dance teacher. Add their name, some candy canes or a pen and a bow, and you’ve got yourself a present which is sure to please any recipient! Remember to add a handwritten note by your child to the front of the notepad – having talked to teacher’s who are retiring, they have said that it’s the notes from student’s they have kept over the years and which have meant the most to them. 


Meal Planning

Padtastic also have shopping lists and meal planners, which would be perfect to combine for the food-loving teacher – add some homemade treats, or personalised cookies and a coffee gift voucher, and you have an easy and delicious present! Bundles and gift packs are also available (and for the student’s in your child’s class, why not choose the pack of 8 A6 mini notepads, and add a couple of mini candy canes for them to enjoy!)

LBD Range

The Leanne Baker Daily range (available through Padtastic’s website) has everything you need to be organised each day – and what teacher doesn’t need to be organised! From a teacher planner (new in 2020!), to daily and weekly planners, budget booklets, planner bags and planner stickers (from Posh Designs, also available through Padtastic’s website), there is no shortage of amazing items in some beautiful designs – make sure to have a browse!


Movie Night Pack

Another fun idea is to put together a movie night or a ‘just add ice-cream’ gift pack. Grab a basket, add a DVD (or even a ticket to the local cinema), some popcorn, lollies and chocolates and your teacher will be all set for a relaxing night in! For the ice-cream pack, you can place in your basket some cones/waffle cones, some ice-cream bowls, sprinkles, topping and chocolates, wrap with some cellophane, attach a ribbon, and all your teacher has to add is the ice-cream!


DIY Gift Ideas

For those teacher’s who enjoy some pampering, a ‘spa in a jar’ gift pack might be an option, with some bath salts, bath bombs, nice smelling soaps and face masks placed in a jar and tied with a ribbon. For the coffee lovers, adding a bag of coffee beans/ground coffee (or even sachets) with a travel mug; for the aspiring chef’s, a baking set with a packet cake mix, a Christmas spatula and an oven mitt tied with a ribbon; for the budding gardener, a plant such as a Christmas poinsettia in a pot; for the teacher who loves DIY, perhaps a magazine subscription to a home-themed magazine – the possibilities are infinite and can be easily personalised to your teacher’s hobbies and tastes!


Market Gift Ideas

I love visiting our local markets, especially in the lead-up to Christmas to look for ideas as well – candles, earrings and jewellery, key rings, personalised lanyards, perfume, decorations for the Christmas tree, hand-sewn items and fresh produce were all lovely gift ideas I spotted. Making up a cheese, savoury or sweet platter for the teachers to enjoy for morning tea at school is also something that would be fun to set-up and I know all teachers would be very appreciative of.


Hopefully, some of the gift suggestions above have given you an idea about what to gift all the amazing teachers in yours and your child’s life. I’d love to hear what you choose to gift your teachers in 2019 – let me know in the comments below!


 Sarah Jones Teacher Gift Ideas


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