Planning for the school holidays!

The school holidays are almost here, and now is the perfect time to grab your Padtastic notebook or notepad and start planning what your holidays will look like!

If you are heading away on holidays, make sure you don’t forget anything by writing out a packing list. I have always used a packing list to plan what I will take and to ensure nothing is forgotten (especially if you arrive somewhere late at night – you don’t want to forget your pyjamas or toothbrush!) I love physically hand-writing a list and ticking each item off as I pack it, and then highlighting those things I need to pack on the morning we leave. List everything from how many outfits to pack, shoes, pillows, towels, bedding, toiletries, hat, sunscreen, swimmers, beach gear, food, baby items etc. If you travel a lot, create a ‘master list’ with all the essential items that you need to pack each time you go away, and then add to it each time, depending on extra specific items you might need to take. Keeping this master list in a Padtastic notebook will keep it safe & easy to find each time you need it.

If you are travelling somewhere you go often, make a list of all the activities you hope to fit into your time away. Do you hope to head to the beach each day, go ten-pin-bowling with the kids, have fun at mini golf, go shopping, get some fitness in with a family walk, head to the theme parks or just go sightseeing in general? You don’t have to be strict with your list, but it can help to plan some fun each day so that you can pack as much in as you can while you’re away! If you’re heading somewhere new, Google or use Facebook to search for some fun things to do, and make a list in your notebook. It can help to do this before you leave so you have a good idea of what you might like to see and do while you are exploring a new place. We went to Bathurst for my cousin’s wedding recently and I did a quick search before we left as I hadn’t been before, writing it all down on one of my Padtastic notepads of course!

If you are staying home, a list of activities to keep the kids entertained or creating a ‘holiday planner’ might be useful, especially if the weather is cold or rainy on some days (and we all know kids tend to get cabin fever at times!) We stayed home for most of last holidays and I made a plan for each day of the two-week break.

We visited parks and fed the ducks, went for walks with the pram, went to the library to read and borrow some books, we made forts inside the house, had a picnic outside, visited friends, did some baking, went to an indoor playground (while I enjoyed a coffee!), went on a family bushwalk and watched movies with homemade popcorn. The possibilities are endless! I found by planning one or two things each day, we had something to look forward to, and none of us were bored at all – I really enjoyed the time at home with my girls (currently 3.5 and 18 mths old) and loved that we could enjoy different things and have some adventures together!

I hope that I’ve given you some ideas to plan your holidays, whether you are going away or staying home – if you don’t have a Padtastic notepad or notebook yet, it’s not too late to order one ready for the holidays! I’d love to know - are you a planner when it comes to holidays or do you like to wing it?

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