Paper vs digital planning!

July 06, 2018

Paper vs digital planning!

Here’s a question for you…paper or digital? Are you an old school paper planning gal pal or are you a high-tech wiz who plans digitally through technology? Or do you use both?

In a world that is so focused around these things we call phones I really wonder if paper will become a thing of the past…for me, I bloody hope not! I am as old school as there is when it comes to paper planning, writing hundred’s lists and being completely obsessed with personalised, matching stationery. I absolutely love it!

Below I’ve shared some of the top reasons behind why I still use a paper planner.


Accomplished…there is really some satisfaction in ticking that last thing off your to-do list on the notepad that just doesn’t seem to resonate when using the Notes app on your phone…well not for me anyway.

Accountable…I find having your plans, to-do’s, appointments and reminders written down on paper makes you extremely accountable. When using your phone to record to-do’s or plans in you can easily move it to another day if you just can’t be ‘bothered’.

Busy…paper planning helps a busy brain find some clarity in their day. You can clearly see what you need to achieve and know where you’ll be able to take a few moments to breathe.

Focus…I am so much more focused on my day when I have it all written down on paper whether that be in my Leanne Baker Daily Planner (LBD, sold through Padtastic) or on a notepad of some sort, Padtastic have a massive range of A5 and A4 notepads and notebooks that are awesome for jotting down notes and lists on. When planning on your phone it is so easy to just flick over to Facebook or Instagram, whereas if you sit down with your planner and no technology you’ll have clearer mind about what you need to achieve.

Permanent…whilst yes there is obviously white-out and stickers that can be used to cover up mistakes, planning on paper makes it permanent whereas on your phone you can within 10 seconds have completely moved your to-do list to another day or change events around. If planning digitally what happens when your phone updates or you need to upgrade…do you lose all your appointments and to-do lists?

Reflective…some people use their planners in reverse, they don’t plan their day however simply record what they did achieve, or family milestones down. It’s a great way to reflect on how much you’ve achieved and a great memory recording tool.

Structured…planning out your day, week or month on paper is as structured as you want to make it. It can be a mess, or it can be impeccably organised but at the end of the day it’s whatever works best for you. On paper and with the help of my LBD planner I can structure my planning to the hour as well as for morning, afternoon and evening.

Whilst at the end of the day whether paper planning or digital planning works best for you it is completely a personal choice. You might use a combination of both. Some may use their phone as a temporary planner until they have a few moments to sit down with their planner. Some might never touch the Calendar app on your phone and some may have never written a plan down in their lives. I sometimes use both to just quickly add an appointment in and then once I’m home or at work I can jot it down in my LBD planner. Occasionally, late at night when my brain can’t shut off I’ll start recording a list of to-do’s in my Notes app on my phone and then first thing the next morning I’ll transfer them over to my planner. I use my phone as a temporary, pit stop for planning and I use my planner as my final destination for planning, organising and memory keeping.

“Everyone’s life is different, and everyone’s journey is different.” - Dolly Parton

Lots of love, B



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