Padtastic's Creative Feedback Team

Our Creative Feedback Team is a little piece of magic in our pocket, here at Padtastic HQ. It is made up of our every-day supporters, who (like me) love to plan, and couldn’t function without it!

The idea was put together, in February, applications were opened, and among many, many candidates, eight lovely Padtastic enthusiasts were selected to be part of the creation process of our products. It is our way of doing our very best at producing beautiful personalised stationery, notepads and other planning essentials that our customers will enjoy and use every day!

Since then, our Creative Feedback Team have had input into the creation of our new logo and branding; new designs concepts and also feedback on our new style newsletters.

Please let us introduce our team members!


Hi, I’m Dannielle and I'm a mum to three beautiful girls (3,5 and 10) and recently got married (FINALLY!) I work part time in party planning/catering/decor and absolutely love the fast pace and human interaction in the industry. I volunteer as president and program coordinator at a local playgroup and I’m also the P&C president at my girls’ school and I find both these roles extremely fulfilling. I have my own blog dedicated to mum life; teaching our kids, cooking, organisation, etc and have been running that for the past 5 years slowly growing a following but more so- finding my people. In the past 2 years that I've been loving on the Padtastic brand - I've brought myself a daily and weekly Thrive LBD planner with a matching name sticker, along with many other products including a Goalkeeper planner for my 10 year old.... safe to say we love the products! 


Hi, I’m Fiona and I am a Mum of an 8-year-old boy and a 6-year-old girl (and a 2-year-old fur baby named Ruby). I am a wife and I work part-time as an additional assistant in kindergartens with children with special needs. 
I love planning and being organised (I used to be a teacher of children with special needs and being organised was, and still is, essential). I have used a diary for years, and have just started using a Leanne Baker Daily planner this year (and I'm loving it)! I also use a shopping list planner and a weekly meal planner to keep me organised. Having a busy life means I need to know what's going on each day and where we all need to be each week. 
Being part of the creative feedback team has been amazing. I've loved being able to see the behind the scenes of a fantastic company!










Hi, I’m Sallyann. I live in a small country town about 200kms from Perth WA.

I am married with 3 girls, 1 boy and am a nanny to the cutest little boy. I work 4 days a week at our local school as a Special Needs Education Assistant. I love being part of a small school and a small community. I do some volunteering and am currently on 3 committees.
I spend my “me time” baking, reading, making Scrabble art frames and running my kids around from town to town for various sports. Time spent in the car with the kids is valuable communication time and it allows me to really chat with them.
I applied to be a part of the Creative Feedback Team as Padtastic’s notebooks and notepads have become a much-used item in my daily life and my go-to gift! I love giving personalised gifts and these people make that easy! 






































Hi, my name is Renee. I am a married mother of 3 very energetic boys. My husband works away 80% of the time leaving me in charge of all the craziness, so without my planners, lists and calendars, our house would simply not run. Thankfully though gone are the days of paper being nothing but functional and with stores like Padtastic our daily paper necessities can be a visual display of our own personality. This is why I applied to be a part of the Padtastic Creative Team, I am certainly a self confessed stationery addict and there is (almost) nothing more satisfying than putting your favourite pen to a beautiful, quality notepad and writing a note, a list or even crossing off those items you’ve just completed. If you are reading this, then I’m sure you agree and understand just how excited I am to have this opportunity to work with the amazing Padtastic team! Happy writing!

Hi there, my name is Emma, I applied for the exciting role as Creative Feedback Team for Padtastic because I am obsessed with stationery, anything pretty and I love to write things down. If it’s on paper I don’t need to think about it, that’s why in pretty much every room in our home you’ll find a notepad or notebook.
I applied because other than being a regular customer I really resonated with Padtastic being an Aussie family owned and run business.
With family at its core and the quality of their products what’s not to love about this business. As a busy mum of two boys and wife, I love being involved with giving feedback to Amanda and the team as it feeds my creative side and is super exciting to be one of the helpers from behind the scenes!

My name is Cara, I am a 33-year-old lawyer and mother of two, from Western Australia.
I am an ‘old school’ paper girl, whose heart literally sinks when people suggest doing things ‘paperless’. Whether it is being busy at work, managing my children's’ appointments and social lives, being the living family diary or battling baby brain - I literally would not survive without my lists, LBD Diary, meal planners and notes!
I applied to be part of the CFT at Padtastic because in short, I love the products and the ability to be part of (and spread the word about) this fantastic venture was an opportunity not to be missed!

My name is Sharlene but also known as Mummy, Aunty Shar and just good old Shar. The mummy gig is fairly new to me, almost 3 years, he is still alive and growing and learning new things every day so I must be doing something ... right?
I love creating and my current 'fad' is vinyl on shirts, cups, anything I can for family and friends. I love seeing the smile on their faces (most of the time anyway) when they see what I've created with personalised sayings on them.
I love being able to help Amanda and the Padtastic team with feedback and suggestions as another outlet for my creative whims. I'm also a thinker and a planner so am always making lists. I love stationery and being able to take it to the next level with personalised stationery is the best! (I'm not too old to say 'the best’ am I?.)

Hi, I’m Heidi, a mother of two girls (17 & 20), wife, Spoodle owner and full-time school officer working with children with special needs. I love planning, cooking, gardening, stand-up paddleboarding, walking on the beach, yoga and reading – these activities fill my cup and make me a happier person and better mum and wife.  I am interested in health, well-being and self-improvement and found Padtastic through my quest to improve my organisation and calm, discovering the amazing LBD. I am blown away at how this fabulous planner has changed my life and given me a calmer outlook. The quality of this product led me to look more into Padtastic and I am so impressed by this family business, their commitment and passion for their products.  So, when they announced they were looking for people to join their Creative Feedback Team, I jumped at the opportunity. It’s been a lot of fun and very rewarding being able to give feedback in such a creative space.   

Amanda would like to extend her gratitude towards these lovely ladies and thank them for their support, enthusiasm and the ideas coming from each and every one of our creative feedback team members.

We value the feedback of all our customers, and we are confident, through our Creative Feedback team, we can continue to keep up with your thirst for organisation and planning!

We will keep you up to date with the goings-on, as our Creative Feedback team continue to work alongside Padtastic.

Drop a line below to say hello to our CFT team!

















It is so great to finally “meet” all of the CFT and find out a bit more about you. I look forward to all the great products that Padtastic has in store for us!

Fiona Petschel June 05, 2019

Hello fellow CFT members! It is so lovely to read about you all. I think we all have a lot in common and I was really surprised to see three of us work with children with special needs. Like you, I’m loving this opportunity to be part of such a creative space. To all the readers and Padtastic lovers, stay tuned for the fabulous new developments at Padtastic. Heidi xx

Heidi Tomlinson May 28, 2019

Great to be able to ‘meet’ all the other ladies in the padtastic cft 💗 isn’t it the best!

Dannielle May 28, 2019

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