Padtastic Christmas Gift Guide

December 12, 2019

Padtastic Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is around the corner, and it’s officially the time of year for the quandary of not knowing what to buy. Stressing about what to get your friends and family, can often be more time consuming than actually doing the present shopping! 

Luckily, we're taking out the guesswork for you with a great list of practical and wonderful gifts from small businesses just like us!

Don’t forget to check out full gift range here, and best of all, the gifts below will also pair perfectly with our products. Christmas solved!




Made By Fressko

Keep cups that are beautiful and practical? Yes please. Perfect for the coffee or tea lover in your life @madebyfressko_official 

 Christmas Gift Guide Padtastic

Image credit: @madebyfressko_official 


Seed & Sprout

Write down your organisation goals, and then get started on them with a set of eco food jars. Perfect for the pantry! @seedandsproutco 

 Christmas Gift Guide Padtastic

Image credit: @seedandsproutco


Washi Tape Australia

For the planner people who love to decorate, or maybe for some fancy wrapped presents @washitapeaustralia 

 Christmas Gift Guide Padtastic

Image credit: @washitapeaustralia 


Little Wild Folk

These self-care stocking stuffers from @littlewildfolk are perfect for the bedside table or chucking in your handbag for on the go.

 Christmas Gift Guide

Image credit: @littlewildfolk


Breathe Magazine Australia

Beautiful to look at and packed full of incredible articles to help you bring a little more mindfulness into your life @breathemagazine_australia 

Christmas gift guide 

Image credit: @breathemagazine_australia 


Gem Straws

We all know stainless straws are better for the environment, these ones have the added benefit of crystals creating that incredibly positive vibe. A touch of luxury! @gem_straw 

Christmas gift guide

 Image credit: @gem_straw 



Slogan tees that are minimal, beautiful AND make you feel good about yourself? Yes please.

Christmas gift guide 

Image credit:


Self Love Coaching Session

Here’s something a little different, what about a self-care session for your loved one with @hihannahmaree


Image credit: @hihannahmaree


Lush Eye Pillows

One must have their beauty sleep, and Lush Eye Pillows have you covered, plus they have personalised options @lusheyepillows

Christmas gift guide 

Image credit: @lusheyepillows



Eliminate the dreaded "what's for dinner?" question, with @thermobliss two-book bundle of A Month of Dinners. Take the hassle out of everyday cooking with simple and easy thermomix recipes.

Christmas Gift Guide Ideas

Image credit: @thermobliss


Pure Paws Dog Bakery

Our last item on the list we added in for our furry friends, they need presents too! These donuts may look delicious but these ones are specially for the purrfect members of your family. @purepawbakery

Christmas gift guide
Image credit @purepawbak



And there you have it! The complete Padtastic Christmas Guide list for 2019!


Remember that every time you shop from a small business, an actual person does a happy dance. So let’s give everyone in small business a very happy Christmas this year!

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