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A New Year gives us opportunities for new moments, new adventures, new lessons, new memories and new opportunities. It can be a time of uncertainty for people as to what the New Year is going to bring, and others embrace it and use the time to set new goals, new limits and new challenges.

In my jobs there is only two weeks that I’m completely work free and on holidays. Whilst I love to spend time with friends and family, soak up the sunshine, visit new places and indulge a little too much, I also love this break to reset and restart.

I have a list of 10 jobs that I know will set me up for a more organised year. Some jobs are quite time consuming and others I only do because I like everything in my world to look pretty (call me superficial I don’t care, haha!)

I’ll explain the task, why I do it and how I do it. These 10 jobs may not apply to you, but I do find the New Year the best time to get these things done.


1. Reset all passwords and record them!

    I don’t know about you, but I sign up to so many different websites and online accounts throughout the year. Whilst I try to keep track it’s almost impossible during busy times.

    I start with my most commonly used accounts; emails, computers, iPhone, iPad, social media accounts, bank accounts, iTunes, Adelaide Metro, Netflix and Stan. Then I move to clothing and online shopping accounts; Lorna Jane, Mimco, Toned, Lime and Mortar, Padtastic and Etsy.

    I get out my A4 Padtastic notebook and write down all of the places with my new usernames/passwords. It is a massive mess by the end however from there I transfer all of it to my computer; I type it up in a document, then save the document as a totally random Filename (just in case).

    A few years ago I used to carry a copy of this document in my planner at all times but last year and this year I will not. I know that Apple have a very safe way of storing your passwords in the devices and if you have numerous Apply devices, they all speak to each other, for example, your Mac, iPad and iPhone will all store everything together.


    2. Move all the previous year’s documents!

      There is nothing better than a fresh computer desktop and documents folder for the new year. Obviously, it depends on your occupation and how often you use various files on your computer but for me all of my University work, Dance Teaching documents, OSHC and SSO resources get put on a USB and deleted off of my computer. I label the USB ‘2018 Doc’ and it gets safely stored away. This also helps in keeping your computers storage free and fresh. I have a few folders that remain on my Computer such as, ‘Home Organisation’, ‘Accreditations & Resumés’, ‘Personal’.


      3. Move two years ago photos to a USB!

        Throughout the year I keep all of my photos extremely organised and tidy just for ease of moving and searching for photos quickly. I use the Photo app on my Mac, and I have different albums for each event, person or type of photo within a ‘YEAR’ folder. I’ve found this is the best way that works for me. You might find it easier storing all photos for one child for their whole lifetime in one folder, find what works for you. I then put two years ago onto a USB, for example all of my photos from 2017 went onto my USB and I’ll keep my 2018 photos on my computer for this year, just for ease of access. Those photos from 2017 were then deleted off my computer all together.

        4. Create a new weekly schedule for my pin board!

          I use an A3 Weekly Schedule that I made in Word for a quick glance at my whole week. It is kept on a pinboard in my bedroom and my family refer to it if they’re unsure where I am. As my shifts for 1 of my workplace’s changes week to week, I do not put them on it, I only have all my set-in-stone work shifts, classes etc on there. It takes some time, but it is extremely beneficial once it’s completed.


          5. Create pretty University timetables!

          University timetables can be confusing, overwhelming and not set-in-stone therefore, I like to create some pretty, easy to read ones in Word. I colour code my classes and only put the name of the Course/Class and where it is on it, I don’t over confuse myself with codes etc. As my University timetable for 2019 changes almost every week I’ve done individual timetables for each week. I’ve printed them and shrunk them to A5 size. They then live in my planner pouch, I also keep an electronic version on my phone just in case.


          6. Create new Dance Teaching folder covers!

            This is a ‘because it’s pretty’ job but I love it! I make pretty folder covers for my dance teaching folders, I use thick cartridge paper and my A4 binder folders have a clear sleeve on the front to slide the cover in to.


            7. Create all new icons for my Mac desktop!

              This is another non-essential job and I’m pretty sure you can only do it on a Mac, but I change the colour and appearance of all of my desktop icons to match what’s inside. For example, my ‘Organising with B’ folder is pink and has a love heart on it.

              8. Move all of the previous year’s emails to a year folder!

                Throughout the year I am extremely good with keeping my all three of my inboxes neat and tidy. I have different folders for everything and never lose anything. I create a folder called 2018 and everything from the other folders gets shifted into the ‘YEAR’ folder. Rather than creating new folders and doubling up, I leave the folders empty for the New Year.

                9. Cull Summer clothing!

                  As the New Year is during Summer, I use this time to cull and sort through my Summer clothes. If there is something that I haven’t worn since the last Summer, is too big or too small it either gets donated, gets passed down to my sisters or gets thrown out. There is no better way to start the year than with a fresh, decluttered wardrobe!


                  10. Lunch Boxes, Tupperware/Plastics, Drink Bottles and Bags!

                    I use the New Year whilst I’m on a majority of holidays as a time to sort through my lunch boxes, Tupperware and plastics, drink bottles and bags. If it hasn’t been used in the last six months, I donate it and if it’s beyond repair it goes in the bin. During the Boxing Day sales I also purchase anything new that I need in this category and that ensures that I have everything before work returns.

                    Whilst none of these are essential jobs, they do help me to feel more organised and readier for the year ahead. Each of these jobs would differ depending on family or personal situation but I do hope they give you some ideas to help you start 2019! Get your Padtastic notepads out and start writing a list of your version of these jobs. I write my list down, pin it up and tick each job off as I complete it!

                    “For every minute spent organising, is an hour earned.”
                    Benjamin Franklin

                    Lots of love,
                    B xoxo


                    Organising with B

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                    Hi Organising with B I found your suggestions very helpful thanks for sharing. Rachel

                    Rachel Weaver January 23, 2019

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