My Leanne Baker Daily Planner Journey

February 20, 2019 1 Comment

My Leanne Baker Daily Planner Journey

From 2014 - April 2017 I used an Erin Condren Life Planner and I loved it. I used the Vertical weekly view and it worked perfectly for me. However, at the start of 2017 I was finding that I just didn’t have enough room on each day to record my to-do’s, appointments, work etc.

During this time I’d been following Leanne from Organising the Four of Us for quite some time and I’d seen her release her Leanne Baker Daily planners, so I thought I’ll never know unless I try. I was crazy lucky and managed to find a second-hand planner from a lovely lady in Queensland. After my first week of using a Daily LBD I had fallen in love! The daily layout provided me with the perfect amount of space for each aspect of my day.

I then purchased an LBD for 2018 and now in 2019 I’m using both a Daily and a Weekly LBD Planner.

How I Set My LBD Up
My LBD is used to track every part of my life; my three jobs, my dance and gym classes, appointments, university classes, assignment due dates, bills due, a meal planner, my to-do lists, tracking of my Organising with B social media and almost anything else you can think of.

I colour code my planner in order to keep everything the organised and neat. I know off the top of my head what each colour means, and I’ve found this is the best way for me.

Red – OSHC and SSO Work
Blue – Dance Classes and Teaching
Orange – University
Pink – Personal, Gym and Organising with B
Dark Blue – Money/Budgeting
Green – Appointments
Purple - Birthdays

I also love the rainbow aspect when I look back on past days and months. For some people the colour could be overwhelming and a simple black pen for everything may work better, it is most definitely personal preference.

What Aspects of the LBD I Use
The best part about the LBD planner is how much it encapsulates into 1 single planner. I use the goals setting pages, the monthly spread, the meal planner and each individual Daily page. I love having all of this information with me wherever I go as my LBD is always in my bag or by my side.

The goal pages are precise and allow you to set as many or as little goals as you’d like. The division of the goals page into seven sections helps to focus each goal individually and focus on yourself.

Like many of my fellow LBD users I use stickers to add to the functionality of my planner plus make it look pretty and fun. I have lots of sticker shops that I purchase from and there are some incredibly talented, kind and professional businesses out there.

My favourite sticker places:

  • Lime and Mortar
  • Lily and Lion
  • Peaceful Mind Designs
  • The Rabbit Tribe
  • Studio Kylie
  • Posh Designs by Emily and Jade

It took me a little while to find which pens worked best for me and in the planner. I use the Staedtler Triplus Fineliners from Officeworks and they do not bleed through the page at all. Occasionally, they will ghost through but never bleed. They’re quite thin and super easy to write with. Kikki K and even Kmart’s pens also work great. 

My Weekly LBD Process
Usually on a Sunday afternoon or evening I will sit down and plan out the week ahead and if I have any other spare time, I will plan in advance with appointments and events.

At the beginning of the year I will spend a day or so in front of the TV filling in as much as I possibly can in my LBD; birthdays, work shifts, dance classes, university classes. As I carry my LBD with me, I tend to add appointments in whilst I’m out, therefore each week I don’t have to put any concrete plans in (work shifts, appointments) it’s just adding my to-do lists and reminders.

LBD Love
2017 – Floral (Daily)
2018 – Celebrate (Daily)
2019 Empower (Daily) and Endeavour (Weekly)
2020 - ?? (I wonder what next year will hold)


“Set your intentions for the week ahead. People who plan, achieve!” (Unknown)

Lots of love,
B xoxo


Organising with B

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February 27, 2019

I love the idea for colour coding definite plans and I’m going to break out my Tri Plus’ and colour up my planner for March.
I love the Pilot Frixxon for those moveable things (how long my work shift actually was in the end etc.) and it means I can erase without making a mess.

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