Motivation and Finding your ‘Thing’ in Life!

Part 1 - ‘Welcome to my Crazy Life’

Many people ask me all the time, why?
Why do I do as much as I do?
Why do I say yes to everything?

I guess, the only real answer I have is passion, motivation and love. I’m a full-time university student studying a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Teaching, I am an Out of School Hours (OSHC) Educator, a Schools Support Officer (SSO) and a qualified dance teacher and I also take four dance classes during the week.

For as long as I can remember I said I was always going to be a school teacher, I loved every part of school…the learning, the social component…and I may or may not have been seen as the ‘teacher’s pet’ every year. At the age of 4 I began dance (because my Preschool teacher told my Mum I was uncoordinated and could really benefit from a form of dance) and fell in love with every aspect of it. As I moved through high school I found education and dance to be my two passions, I knew that my future would include either one or both of these occupations…therefore when I had the opportunity to put them all together I jumped at it.

It took me two years but in 2016 I successfully acquired my Dance Teacher’s Certificate and in a year’s time, end of 2019, I will have two university degrees one in Arts (History and English) and one in Teaching (Middle and Secondary). I have also been extremely lucky to have got the two jobs that I do have in the Education Department, they’ve been a great foot in the door for me to build a support system and a list of contacts.

Therefore, it’s quite easy to say I’m busy…I’m always working or teaching or studying and every time someone asks why I do it all, all I say is because I love it. I love every part of my crazy life and in no way at all am I saying I don’t struggle or lack motivation but for the most part, I power through every day with love.


One way that I keep completely on top of everything and every aspect of my life is through writing lists, keeping my planner up to date and having separate stationery (notepads and notebooks) for each part. Padtastic’s range of A4 and A5 notepads and notebooks are amazing and I have many that I use weekly. I have A4 personalised notebooks for all my dance teaching, A5 notepads for jotting down notes and brain dumps on, a Leanne Baker Daily Planner for keeping me sane and a few other notebooks for Organising with B and my SSO role.

If you’re someone who struggles to find motivation then stay tuned for my next blog post, ‘My 5 Top Tips for Staying Motivated’.

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you”
- Oprah Winfrey

Lots of love, B


Organising with B

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