Morning rituals to help start your day in a positive way


If you’re not a morning person, you’re about to be!

Which is a good thing because how you start your morning really sets the tone for the rest of your day!!

‘Cause think about it, waking up and rolling over to our phones before getting right to work is something a lot of us do (we’ve all been there!), but how does that make you FEEL?

It’s a bit of a bummer, isn’t it? Though making simple, mindful swaps with our mundane morning rituals can flip that script! 

On that note, here are 5 simple swaps to let you start your day healthily and happily: 


10 minutes of meditation   

Whether you had a crazy dream or have a busy day ahead of you, just 10 minutes of morning meditation will get you feeling centred and less stressed!  

Meditation has SO many known benefits for your mental health, focus and sleep, and the best part is that everyone can do it. Though if you’re not sure you can do it on your own, there are some great apps out there to guide you through the process (like Headspace)! 


A mindful yoga moment 
Speaking of being great for your mental health, have you met yoga?! Yoga is something that can help you get more in touch with your body and your mind, letting you relax, find it easier to concentrate and even relieve back pain, to name a few perks! 

You don’t need a lot of space, and you don’t need to be the most flexible person in the world (that will come with time!) We love popping on a YouTube lesson and following along in our living room! 


Write (whatever you like!)  

Say it with us: writing is therapeutic! Whether you feel like starting your morning by journaling, writing out your to-do list for the day or laying out your daily gratitudes, you will feel prepared and confident for the day ahead!  


Read or listen to something you like

Reading your favourite books and bopping along to your fav songs are also good for the soul. You are speaking to your creative, imaginative side… and it’s a much healthier way to “escape” for a minute instead of scrolling through Instagram all morning!! 

This is a great chance to take yourself outside. Read on your balcony, listen to music while you go for a stroll (or if you feel so inclined, a run!) and let those creative juices flow right through to your tasks for the rest of the day.


Have a nourishing breakfast 

Hands up if you skip breakfast a lot… not that we can see, but we admire your honesty!! The experts aren’t lying when they say it’s the most important meal of the day, okay? It helps refuel you after a night’s sleep, boosts your energy and gives you all the nutrients you need to start the day strong. 

If it’s the morning prep you can’t stand, you could try making overnight oats! Or something simple, yet nourishing, like our good old friend avocado on toast (don’t forget the feta and lemon!). 


All-in-all, your body will thank you for trying something new and finding easy yet super helpful ways to bring a bit more brightness to each day!

We hope these tips help you create your perfect morning routine! 

~ Namaste ~


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