Mental load reduction — what is it, and how can it help business owners?


For those of us without a photographic memory, it can be pretty darn hard trying to hold so much information in our minds.

Heck, we’re lucky if we remember what was on the table for breakfast this morning! 

 That’s why it’s SO important for all of us to take this pressure off our plates and come up with a system where every need-to-know can be stored. 


This is where mental (or cognitive) load reduction comes in. The load in question being what we can store in our memory at any given time, and the reduction part being materials and resources to help lessen the demands on one’s memory.

As a business owner, this is especially essential. Because with every update over a phone call, new additions to the to-do list and all the bits in between, each day piles up with new information that needs to go somewhere (other than the mind alone).

Some mental load reduction methods that can help you in this space include…

✨Writing things down
The first step is always writing down any new information that is brought to your attention. 

✨ Organising + planning

Then, you can take those new notes and organise them. Work them into your to-do list, flesh out a bigger plan — do whatever needs to be done. But you certainly won’t be forgetting any of them! 

✨ Compartmentalising

This term refers to your ability to block out all other distractions and just do the work in front of you.

Something that happens if we try to put too much on the mind is that the thoughts keep swirling around, making it hard to focus on one thing at a time. But with a bit of trial and error, you can learn how to compartentalise! 

Put on some white noise, practice meditation — do what you can to lessen the mental pressure and watch your productivity improve because of it! 


✨ Budgeting

If you don’t have a budget, you could spend too much time trying to figure out what bills are coming up, what extras you can afford this month etc. 

Having a clear budget on paper will free your mind from doing unnecessary math!



✨ Reminding

Notes are good, until you forget to check them.

That’s why we suggest putting the important stuff into ‘reminder position’. Write them up on your business calendar, put sticky notes above your desk — do what you need to do to create clear reminders that don’t rely on your memory. 

✨ Talk it over 

If you still like remembering the important things as well as having them on paper, talk them out with your family or friends. 

This will not only give someone else a chance to refresh your memory closer to a due date, but give your own memory the strength to. 

✨ Practice self-care

A happy mind is a strong mind.

To reduce the load and noise, make sure you give your mind a proper break. Go for a walk, have a bubble bath, treat yourself to that trashy reality show you’ve been wanting to start. 


One last tip: check out the Business Bestie Planner, aka the planner that was designed with mental load reduction in mind.

It covers SO many of the methods that we’ve discussed here today, giving you one compact recourse to take pressure off your mind and stress off your plate. 

It’s time to live your best business owner life!

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