Life lessons from the year that was

When life gives you lemons, learn how to make lemonade. 

Wow… what a year! As we creep closer to another 365 days around the sun, we’ve been taking some time to reflect on the year that was — its ups, its downs, and what we can learn from it all. Turns out you really do learn something new every day. 

In the spirit of embracing vulnerability (one of our experiences that you’ll hear about in a tick), we’d love to share some of these moments with you. And especially the lessons learnt from them! 


Believe in yourself

One of our favourite highlights of the year was winning the She-Com Stationery Award! It was a close-to-our-hearts collaboration with Sweeter Social, The Business Bestie Planner, that brought home the win. But that didn’t happen on its own.

We took a leap of faith and pitched our planner to the She-Com panel. We saw our worth, knew that we had created something truly special, and manifested our way to the win.

None of this would have been possible if we didn’t believe in ourselves. So let that be your little takeaway from this highlight — start backing yourself and amazing things can happen! 


There’s so much strength in vulnerability 

To this day, we still struggle to talk about our mental health. But we do realise how much strength there is in being vulnerable. 

Not only does it help normalise talking about mental health and lets you feel seen, heard and understood, but your stories can really help someone who is going through the same struggles. 

We chose to use our social media platforms to speak up and the response was incredible. Now we’re not saying you need to do the same, but we do encourage you to have the tough conversations wherever and with whomever you feel comfortable. It may not be easy, but you will experience so many powerful, healthy feelings that come from doing so.  


Put your mental health first

On the topic of mental health, we really tried to nurture our wellbeing this year. Our mental health came first over anything else. 

Work will always get done, the right people will always be understanding. But if you don’t look after yourself, it will be that much harder to have and see the good in life. 


Keep calm and communicate

S*** happens — work equipment breaking, life changing moments. The list goes on. And these things may make it hard to stick to a schedule or commitments. 

We’ve had a run in with a few roadblocks this year, but we got through it by keeping as calm as possible and communicating with anyone who would be affected (e.g. our gorgeous customers, friends). 

The good thing about good people is that they will understand when something unexpected happens. They will appreciate your transparency and that you either have a backup plan or will get back to them as soon as possible. We’re only human, after all! 


Don’t get upset over something that’s out of your control 

Off the back of ‘keeping calm and communicating,’ it’s important to remember that some things are just out of our control - and that’s something we shouldn’t waste our time stressing over. 

COVID, for example, knocked us on our butts this year. Big time. But if we got too in our heads about it, that wouldn’t have changed anything for the better! Cut yourself some slack, as hard as it may be when these things happen. 

We hope these learnings can help you on your journey to a better new year! 


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This is such a wonderful, honest blog, so clearly expressed. Thank you for sharing. I feel like you’re talking to me! :-)

Helen al Hariri February 08, 2023

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