Leanne Baker Daily Planners - FAQ

October 19, 2016

Leanne Baker Daily Planners - FAQ

When can I order?

Orders are now open. All orders placed from Thursday 27th October onwards will be dispatched on December 16th using an express post satchel with a signature required on delivery.

How much are the planners?
The planners are $49.95 each plus postage.

How size and weight is the planner?
The planner is slightly bigger than A5 in size (you can see the exact specifications on the ‘features section’ for each planner). The planner weighs just under 900 grams.

What is the paper stock like?
The paper stock is a high quality paper stock of 90gsm. It is the same paper stock that is used for the Padtastic notepads (excluding the premium range of notepads) and is beautiful to write on.

Can I order notepads with the planners?
Absolutely. There are matching A5 notepads and shopping list notepads for each of the planner covers (for $9.50) as well as all of Padtastic's other beautiful notepads which you are free to order.

How much is postage?
Postage is $19.50 to anywhere in Australia. The cost of postage is higher this year because every planner will be sent using express postage to ensure that planners are received by Christmas. The planner needs to be sent in a 3kg satchel because of the size of the box it is being sent in (which will not fit in the 1kg satchel).
One way to save on postage is to combine shipping with 2 other friends. Ordering 3 planners in one satchel will cost $30 postage ($10 each). We make no profit from the postage costs.

Can I have my planner sent to a PO Box?
Yes you can, however you will need to sign for it at the Post Office before they can release it so you will need to collect it during their business hours.

Can I have my planner sent to a 24/7 Parcel Lockers?
Unfortunately not as a signature on delivery is required.

Can I track my planner once it has been shipped?
Yes, an email (with a tracking number) will be sent to you once your planner has dispatched on Friday December 16th.

Can the planner be shipped internationally?
Yes :). Please email Leanne at organisingthethreeofus@gmail.com with your address and she will let you know what the postage will cost and take your order from there.

How many notepads will fit in the same satchel as my planner?
If you are ordering 1x LBD planner, you can fit up to 9 x A5 personalised notepads in the satchel with your planner.

If you are ordering 2x LBD planners in the one order, you can fit up to 11 x A5 personalised notepads in the satchel with your planners.

If you are ordering 3x LBD planners in the one order, you can fit up to 2 x A5 personalised notepads in the satchel with your planners.
** Any notepads ordered in the same order as your planner will only be dispatched on the 16th of December with your planner.

You can purchase notepads in a separate order to receive them sooner, subject to Padtastic normal turnaround time.

Thank you for your incredible support surrounding the release of the 2017 Leanne Baker Daily planner. We are so excited to see the photos that you take as they begin to arrive in your mailboxes in December.

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