FAQ - a quick LBD pre-order recap for you!


What dates do the pre-orders run from? 

What happens after the pre-order round?

They will be reopened later in the year. The date is yet to be advised but this will be heavily promoted through our social media channels and through our e-newsletter. To be kept fully informed, sign up here

What is the cost of the planner? Is it a different price for the weekly and daily?

The cost is the same for both options - $54.95 plus shipping. Please be advised this price will increase after the pre-order round.

What will the increase in price be after the pre-order round?

This is yet to be announced however this will be well promoted before the orders re-open.

What is the cost of shipping?

Do you ship internationally and if so what is the cost?

Yes we can ship anywhere within the world. When placing your order on our website you will be charged for your planner at the time of order and we will contact you with a shipping invoice. The prices vary greatly depending on the country of the delivery. 

Can I choose what courier service to use?

Unfortunately we do not offer this service due to the high volume of orders expected.

What are my choices for 2019?

These are our 7 amazing designs for 2019 and this year you will have the option of choosing a daily or a weekly layout for your planner - full details are available on our website.

Can you tell me the specifications of the planners? The size, paper stock etc.

Of course, all this information can be found on our website in the product description.

Am I guaranteed the cover of my choice?

Yes during the pre-order round ONLY. After this time it will be dependent on stock levels.

The weekly planner is a new product for 2019 so can you please tell me the size of the morning, afternoon and evening boxes on the weekly spread?

What is the weight difference between the daily and the weekly planner?

As a good estimate the daily planner is approx. 790g and the weekly weighs in approx. 680g.

How do I place an order for weekly vs daily?

All the products are loaded on the same page, however please ensure you select the correct product type - DAILY OR WEEKLY before you confirm your order. The same cover option appears twice (see below image) the difference is with the text underneath.

Is it possible to add extra products into the same purchase? Or do they all need to be LBD products?

Yes any products can be added to your order. They will all dispatch at the same time in November.

Do we have to purchase the matching notepads at the same time?

If you wish to save on shipping then yes, however these items will always be available to purchase. Take a look here to see all the gorgeous matching stationery.

Can we order the matching stickers at the same time in pre-orders?

Unfortunately the matching LBD stickers from Posh Designs will not be available until June. More information will come your way once that collection launches.

Are we able to use Afterpay to purchase the planners?

Yes absolutely. Please note that you will begin paying for your purchase through Afterpay as you normally would but you will not receive your goods until they dispatch in November.

Do you have PayPal as a payment option?

No we do not offer this. We do however have Afterpay and a fully secured website to take your payments.

Are you offering pick up days again this year? How do I avoid paying the shipping amount?

Yes we are offering 2 pick up days again. At checkout you will be able to select the option of pick up. This will trigger our website to not charge the shipping amount. Please ensure you are available on these days, as if you cannot make it we will need to organise a shipping invoice to be sent to you and your planner delivery will be delayed.  

Is there a special code to remove the discount if ordering one of the LBD 'functional' notepads with my planner order?

There is no code to enter, our website will automatically trigger this discount for you.

I've heard Leanne will be signing the first 100 planners, can I still get it signed if I am not one of these people?

You sure can if you attend one of the two pick up locations. Leanne will be more than happy to sign your planner on the day.

Can I change my cover design after I place my order?

Unfortunately we will not be able to change your order once it is placed.

Please ensure you CAREFULLY check all your details, including name, address, and products ordered BEFORE you hit submit on your order.


Good luck with your ordering and have fun selecting your planner for 2019!

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HI Nic, could you please send me an email on info@padtastic.com.au or PM through Facebook so I can advise you further. Thank you. Amanda

Amanda May 26, 2018

Hi Sunnie, I believe that Leanne Baker has advised you on the best way forward with this. Amanda

Amanda May 26, 2018

Hi there,
I’m moving in the coming month but I’m unsure of my new address details as yet. I would like to order a plan within the preorder time fram but my concern is my shipping address will change.
What are my options?
Kind Regards,
Sunnie Marychurch

Sunnie Marychurch May 25, 2018

I’m moving in the next few months but don’t have an address yet. I want to order 4 planners. How do I go about ordering in pre order week.

Nic Beltane May 24, 2018

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