Introducing Funderland: Our 2024 Mental Health Planner by Artist Kasey Rainbow

Welcome to the world, Funderland—our 2024 Mental Health Planner designed in collaboration with the brilliant Kasey Rainbow. We're stepping into our third year of explosion of colour and patterns, and let me tell you, this one is just overflowing with joy and inspiration!

This year's theme is Funderland, an enchanting fusion of whimsy and wonder! Kasey summed it up perfectly: "Why visit Wonderland when you can go to FUNDERLAND! This fun and poppy abstract print was created to induce not only dopamine but a dose of childlike wonder. Come and ride the rainbow!”

And guess what? We've taken your feedback onboard—retaining all the good bits you love and even sneaking in an extra tracking page! A little fun fact - Our Mental Health Weekly Planner was judged as a finalist in a recent e-comm product award for self-care - how cool is that! 

This really is a collaboration written in the stars (and rainbows) - a match made in heaven and it’s going from strength to strength.

Let's rewind for a bit, shall we? How did this Padtastic and Kasey Rainbow collab begin? Well, Kasey reached out to us in early 2021, after we launched a bright and colourful collection with the wonderful Marayna from Kenzie Collective, and let's just say, there may have been some ecstatic screaming involved! 

The night that message came in, asking if we would like to work with her, we screamed! Literally!!!  We had others in our house come running in to see what was wrong. It was a dramatic scene…but we had been crushing on Kasey and her artwork HARD for so long that it didn’t seem real that

1. She knew who Padtastic was

2. She wanted to work with us.

Now with five collections and over 140+ stationery goodies, it's safe to say our collaboration is a rainbow-hued bundle of fun. 🌈

In case you've been hiding under a dull rock (not judging), let's introduce you to the magical Kasey Rainbow. She's an Australian artist and designer whose work is the epitome of her own Live Bright ethos. Based in Brisbane’s Babyside, Kasey brings her passion for colour to creating a unique style that oozes personality and radiates happiness.

Kasey has  always been a creative at heart, but in 2017 discovered a new love of digital art and dove headfirst into the wonderful world of fabric and textile design. Completely self-taught, Kasey is quickly becoming a well known and exciting new name in the wonderful world of design.

As someone who has suffered from mental illness since her teenage years, Kasey is passionate about raising awareness on the subject. She wants to change the view around mental illness being a ‘weakness’ by showing the world that it actually takes great strength to speak up and say you are not okay.

We're incredibly blessed to share the same mission as Kasey—making mental health less of a 'taboo' and more of a 'let’s talk about it.' Both mother and daughter at Padtastic have battled personally with depression and anxiety.  So our conversations clicked instantly, and before we knew it, we were dreaming and scheming up a planner that celebrates not just tasks and goals, but mental well-being.

The Mental Health Planner has been designed with uplifting affirmations and filled to the brim in vibrant colours and patterns that’ll give your dopamine levels a delightful boost. It’s not just about jotting down tasks; it’s about painting your day with positivity and mindfulness, making each page a little sanctuary for your mental health and well- being.

We cannot wait to get this beauty into your hands! Funderland is all set to bring boundless joy and mental tranquility to your 2024. Trust us, flipping through this planner will feel like taking a mental vacation every single day and give you that feeling of being wrapped in a big warm hug!

Planner launches 1st October 6.30pm AEST - become a VIP and get early access plus an exclusive free gift!! 

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