Introducing Amanda Churchley!

Hi! I’m Amanda Churchley and I am the face and the driving force behind Padtastic! I have so much fun running Padtastic. It started out as my passion project on the side (how it all got started is a story for another time), however, 2 years ago I decided to inject a bit more energy and focus into the business and is now growing nicely which is why I’m so grateful for the support we receive. Padtastic is now much more than my side hustle – I’m having more fun than ever! Sometimes I even feel a *tiny* bit of guilt for having this much fun at work!

I’m a wife to one (hehe), Robert, my posh Englishman (haha not really posh but yes he is a pom!) and mum of two beautiful daughters – Emily (20 years) and Jade (15 years). My family means the world to me, and we spend quality time together, enjoying some really special times; and, generally just hanging out doing the everyday stuff. The memories we create are priceless and fills our lives with such joy, happiness and contentment.

I’m a self-confessed paper lover and stationery addict. I LOVE creating beautiful products and helping people become more organised with the tools we create or hearing about what other systems work for them. Seeing people using paper-based products makes my heart happy! Like really, REALLY happy! My hubby and I have a real obsession with paper and we can on occasions be seen sniffing books, catalogues or even menus at restaurants. We’re weird like that and we know it!

I love nothing more than putting pen to paper and writing a good old to-do list and crossing my jobs off when complete. That sense of achievement on a daily basis keeps me motivated and on track. I love to be organised as well, which is lucky as our lifestyle is a busy one what with running two businesses and a family it helps in moments of chaotic mayhem.  

We are a hard working family, being business owners to two thriving businesses, Padtastic and The Print Group; which is challenging, at times, always hectic, but for Robert and I, always fulfilling and rewarding. We are exactly where we want to be right now! Emily and Jade support us and help out in our businesses when we need it the most, and this makes it easier to do what we do. Working together as a family is something really special! 

During my down time I love to read books, yes paper based ones not digital; and spending time by the beach and the pool (it is one of my favourite things as being in and near water is my true relaxation and happy place).  I love to travel, when we have the time and money. So far I’ve visited Vanuatu, Fiji, UK (also lived there for 2 years with Robert), Italy, Spain, Gibraltar, France, USA, Bali, Hawaii, and Mexico. My bucket list of destinations is forever growing and it doesn’t help to knock them off when we keep visiting the same places haha. 

I hope you have learned a thing or two about me (if you want to know more, just let me know) and whilst I’m not much of a writer, I’ll have a go at writing from time to time and share more of my experiences with you, and any hints and tips along the way!

Lots of love, Amanda xx

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