How to Use Our Online Editor

October 09, 2019

How to Use Our Online Editor

We are taking personalising to the next level with our new online editor feature. Are you excited to try it out?

Let’s dive in.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to create a new account to use our new Online Editor, if you haven't already.

Head to the new Online Editor. (Alternatively, if you go to the original Padtastic site, you can head straight to the new site by clicking on Collections in the top menu bar).

From there you will be able to select from a range of collections to customise.

Click through to the item you would like to customise, for example, you would like to personalise a shopping list, click through to “Planning Tools”.

From there, click through to “Shopping List Notepads”.

The next step is to select your size (A5 or A4), to add a magnet, and what quantity. Once you have done so, click “Select Design”.

At this step, you need to select the design you want. This is what you will be customising.

Select “Customise” under the design you like. Now the fun begins!

This is our Online Editor!

Desktop (above): You will see the list on the left corresponds with the headings in the design. The left-hand list is where you need to edit the wording. 

Mobile (below): Your editable headers are located under the dropdown menu “Tools” in the top bar. 

Get creative! 

Now, you will see that the headings inside your design haven’t changed yet, even though you have edited the left-side list. This will only happen when you hit “Update Preview” in the top bar on the left.

Next step: Desktop - To edit the look of your headings, you need to click on the heading on the design. You will see a perforated line appear around the heading and a little “Text” box will appear on the right side.

Mobile: To edit the look of your headings, tap the heading on the design and the “Text” box will open up underneath.

Inside this “Text” box you can change the font, size, colour, orientation, and overall look!
You can edit all headings, one after the other, before hitting “Update Preview”, or update after editing each one.

Once you are happy with your design, “Update Preview” once more to double-check your spelling, appearance, everything!

As it appears here, is exactly how it will print, so make sure it’s spot on!

Once you’re satisfied, hit “Save” in the top bar on the right.

If you are an existing Padtastic member, you will be prompted to sign in. If you are not, don’t worry, this is where you need to sign up to create your account and save your design.

Fun fact: Once you save your design, it will always be in your account for future use! Great for when you want to create a design or multiple designs, but don’t want to order right now - just come back to Padtastic, sign in and it will be right there waiting for you!

Next step: You need to name your design in Job Name - this is NOT part of the design customisation, it is only what your design will be called inside your account, for example, "Mealplanner Birthday Gift for Jane", and agree to terms of use - make sure to read this!

If you would like to create another design, select “Save to cart and continue shopping” - this will take you back to the home page to start the selection again!

Once you save your design, it will be sitting inside your account for you when you come back.

From our home page, log into your account in the top right hand “Login”. This is the username and password you created when you signed up the first time.

Once you login in, you can now order your saved designs, or re-edit them again!

Happy creating!

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