How to shift perspective when you need it most


Life can sure throw some curveballs, but you have the power to catch them with flair! 

There will be many, many days in our lives where things don’t go how we’d want or expect them to, and that can get preeeetty emotionally exhausting - unless we learn how to shift our perspective. 

Of course, there will be situations where it’s near impossible to change our mindset, but when it comes to life’s little frustrations - things beyond our control, circumstances that really aren’t as frustrating as we think they are - changing the way we approach them will make a world of difference! 

If you’re ready to try on this stress less mindset, take a look at some suggestions below:

✨ Think that you get to do something instead of you have to do something 

Ah, responsibilities. Sometimes, with everything else going on in life, everyday responsibilities can feel quite taxing. You could start feeling like you have to clean the house or have to take the dog for a walk. And these negative overtones of “I have to” will often turn our moods sour.
So, instead of “I have to”, try seeing it from an “I get to” point of view. I get to clean the house, which means a break from screen time and some healthy movement for my body. I get to take the dog for a walk, which makes them happy, and gives me a chance to enjoy the benefits of being out in nature! 
Just wait and see how much better you feel with this little shift! 

✨ Circle back to something later

Instead of forcing yourself to complete a task when you’re not in the mood, take a break, do something else, and circle back later. 
Waiting until you’re in the right mindset to do something will save you from grumbling through it otherwise! 

✨ Put yourself in someone else’s shoes

Dealing with someone difficult? It’s easy to get frustrated and snap back, but a better move is trying to put yourself in their shoes. Maybe they’ve had the worst day, or are going through something that’s taking a big toll on their mind. So instead of immediately reacting — take a step back, be the bigger person and perhaps ask them some gentle questions to let them vent or see if there’s anything you can do to help them. 

✨ Embrace change

If a global pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that things can change overnight… and keep changing for years afterwards. 
We were all kind of forced to adapt to that constant change, right? So if you’re struggling with smaller changes that happen every now and then, try to accept it instead of fearing it or letting it consume you. You already know you’ve got this!! 

✨ Live in the present

When worries creep in about something that hasn’t happened yet, remember that it hasn’t (and may not even be a thing that) happened. 
Getting stuck in our minds can cause so many faux stresses and problems! Take each moment as it comes, try your best to live in the present, and feel better in life’s better moments. 


There are SO many ways we can shift our perspective for a happier life, but we hope there’s something in here that you needed to hear today. Be proud of yourself for each shift you make and embrace the good feelings that come from doing so!


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