How to set intentions: The power of visualisation

It’s good to have a plan for your future, but it can be a difficult thing to navigate.

In this blog post, we discuss how to set good intentions for your future and the power of visualisation.

Setting intentions

Setting an intention means you are stating what you wish to accomplish through your actions. It’s a commitment you are setting yourself, something you wish to accomplish. 

But like all good things, they involve dedication and hard work to not only implement long term, but to achieve; which means there’s a few more steps to complete after setting your initial intention.

Your intention can be anything that you would like to achieve in your life, be it big OR small!

What’s next?

Now that the easy part is over, it’s time to start visualising and manifesting your intentions to life.

It’s important to understand that you can’t become something you can’t imagine! If you can’t imagine yourself achieving your intention, then you may need to re-word it, or start with a smaller step towards that larger goal.

Alongside this, visualising your successes helps the brain to play these scenarios out  in your head, which will also work towards achieving them! 

Our minds work in a funny way; they are scared of the unknown, so if we set an intention for something our bodies have never experienced before, the brain’s initial response reacts the same way it does to physical danger and will try to protect you, and stop you from doing that scary thing.

Visualising achieving these intentions by either just picturing them in your mind or creating a vision board will help to ease those anxious thoughts.

Remember, clear intentions lead to clear outcomes!

Another big part of turning your intentions into a reality is to manifest.

When you manifest, you are essentially bringing something into your life through belief and the laws of attraction - It’s believing in what you are saying and believing you are going to get what you are saying.

Manifesting is a powerful way to take control of your own life, but the key is believing.

You don’t have to repeat a mantra 30 times to ‘speak it into life’ you only have to say it once and believe in the power of your words.

What we say to ourselves has a big impact on our psyche! Say something enough and we will believe it - If you tell yourself you are beautiful each day for a month, chances are you’re going to look at yourself the next day and love what you see, but it works just as much when we direct negative things at ourselves!

Where do I start?

The 7 most common intentions to set are:

  1. I intend to manifest happiness 
  2. I intend to respond first and then react
  3. I intend to lead by example
  4. I intend to be open to success and abundance
  5. I intend to stop taking things so personally 
  6. I intend to forgive others and myself
  7. I intend to love unconditionally

These are just a few examples if you’re stuck with what to say!

Now, go and grab yourself a pen and notebook - connect with yourself and find out what it is that you are wanting to achieve.

Write whatever comes to mind down, it’s not something you should need to overthink but it’s your creative space, feel free to express yourself!

Most importantly, make sure you frequently revisit your initial intentions, make note of your growth, and reflect on the things that have gone well (and not so well) - through reflecting you can see how far you’ve really come!

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