How to overcome 'planning procrastination' and achieve your goals


We hope you’re not just reading this blog to procrastinate!! 

  Seriously though, have you heard of ‘planning procrastination’ before? If not, Melbournian psychologist Dr. Jacqueline Baulch explains,

 "For some people, planning can be a way to organise what might feel chaotic, but it can creep into avoidance."

Ah, yes, procrastination disguised as something productive. Because that’s exactly what you’d expect planning to be — useful and a way to work towards achieving your goals (and it is when you’re planning with the right intentions)!

This is why it’s so important to recognise when planning procrastination is happening and how to kick it to the curb.


On that note, let’s have a peek at what this phenomenon can look like…

  • Setting your plans but not acting on them
  • Finding something else to do instead of your plans
  • Taking too much time to make your plan’s visuals look perfect
  • Over-planning until there’s no time to do anything! 

  • Are any of these sounding familiar? If they are, let’s look at some solutions…


    1. Set a time limit for your planning

    One way to procrastinate is by drawing out the planning process. Instead of ignoring the clock, set a timer that suits how long it should realistically take to make your plans. Once it runs out, make a start on your tasks.

    You can always go back and work in more plans later, but at least you won’t spend all your precious time doing that right now!!

    2. Don’t include unnecessary tasks

    Writing down a task just to fill in some time? Scrap it! By writing down or even doing unnecessary tasks, you’re simply eating into time that could be better spent on things which are far more important. Leave them be and roll on with the must-dos! 

    3. Choose progress over perfection

    If you’ve ever tried to make a spreadsheet look super pretty or tweaked your plans a million times in one sitting, you’ve been stopping yourself from the key part – actually starting your tasks.

    Instead of worrying how everything looks or striving for perfection in the planning process, try to simply do the fundamentals and put more time and effort into the projects at hand.

    The same goes for when you’re doing your projects, too! You can always go back and tweak and edit as you need to, but don’t try to make it perfect every step of the way. This ends up wasting a lot more time. 

    4. Address and work through any reservations you have 

    When you begin to notice that you’re slipping into a state of planning procrastination, take a step back and check in with yourself.

    Ask yourself why you’re procrastinating. Pinpoint any nerves or reservations you have and work through them if you can!  

    5. Have proper planning tools

    Maybe planning takes you a bit more time because you just don’t know where to start, finish or what to focus on? We completely understand, and it’s why we (along with Sweeter Social) have created essential planning tools to help you!

    Find them here in the form of planners, to-do lists, accessories and more. 

    How are you feeling after taking all of this in?

    We hope you can get on top of/beat planning procrastination the next time it tries to sneak in! You’ve got this!!  


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