How to order your LBD products

August 29, 2019

How to order your LBD products

Presales are open and you have your eye on so many things! But what is the best way to get everything you need? With so many options to choose from, it can get a bit confusing. But don’t fear, just follow along with our instructions below and you will get everything you need!

If you are a previous customer, then you can use your original account to sign in

It is also possible to purchase as a “guest”.

First head to our home page, and drop down the “Collections” Menu.


From here you can see the “Leanne Baker Daily Range”, which opens up into an extended menu for each product type.



For example, let’s start with personalising a shopping list notepad. As shown below, you can add a personalised Title for your notepad in the first box. Next, have a look at the font selections for your personalised message. Click “View Font Selection”, which will open a separate window to browse the font selection available. Make sure you select the correct one A, B, C etc.

Next, select either A5 or A4. Enter the quantity you want, and add to cart!


You can follow these steps for all personalised products.


Ordering a Planner Cover Sticker.

Head to the same drop-down menu “Collections” and hover over “Planner Stickers”. An extended menu will show you “Planner Cover Stickers.” Once you select this, you will see this page.

Select the design you want to take you to the personalisation page.


From here, you can add in your personalised message or a name that will appear on the planner cover sticker. From here, you can see the Font Selection on the left side, under the main image. 

Next, choose which style sticker you would like, most have the option for Dark, Light or White. As you select each option, the correct image will appear above to help you decide. Once finished, Add to Cart.



Please note that you are able to order anything else you like during this period, and add to your order to reduce shipping costs. However, any order placed together with the presale LBD items will not be shipping until November. So if you want other items to arrive before that time, it would be best to make it a separate order.


PS: Leanne will be live on Facebook for the first 30 minutes of the presale, from 5.30pm to 6.00pm. This will be a perfect time to ask any questions regarding the presale period.




Can you please tell me the size of the morning, afternoon and evening boxes on the weekly spread? What is the weight difference between the daily and the weekly planner?

Each section (morning/afternoon/evening) of our weekly planner is 40x60mm. As a good estimate, the daily planner is approx. 735g and the weekly weighs in approx. 675g.


Does the planner cover sticker with your name on it come with the planner?

No this is a separate product to enhance your LBD planner if you wish to have personalisation but it is not part of the cost of the planner – just a lovely optional extra by Posh Designs. Leave your personalisation and font option in the box provided and leave the rest to us to bring your sticker to life.


What can I use the notes pages for?

The notes pages in your LBD planner could be used for lists. For example: Gift Ideas, Christmas shopping, Packing checklist, Entertaining checklist, Bucket lists, Books to Read, Dreams, Notes, Meal Planning.


I can't find the matching LBD notepads or notebooks!

The matching notepads can be found here. First, select the design you would like, and at the next page, complete your personalised message to appear as the title, select either "Lined" or "Unlined", your font selection, and size. Then add to cart.


Are there planner bags for the teacher planners.

At this stage we do not have this option but we are currently looking into offering this. Please email to submit your interest.


Will you print more teacher planners if they sell out quickly since you have started with limited numbers? 

Yes, we are looking into this option already so we will keep you posted.




When will presales open?

Presales will open on Friday 5.30pm 30th August (AEST) and run until midnight September 6th.

For WA time zone, this will be 3.30pm, August 30th to 10pm September 6th.


Am I guaranteed the cover of my choice?

Unfortunately no, all planners will be dependent on stock levels. Once they sell out that will be it for 2020.



What happens if my planner of choice sells out?

Once stock is sold out that is it for 2020 planners. We will not be doing another round so if you would like to secure your planner, get in as close as possible to orders opening.


How quickly are the planners likely to sell out?

This question is impossible to answer as we cannot predict what will happen. In our second year planners sold out within 26 minutes but we have looked at the previous sales and interest towards the planners and have increased this number significantly.


Do you have a wait list for planners?

No, we do not keep a waiting list.


How do I place an order for weekly vs daily?

These products will all have their own page. From the “Collections” menu, hover over “Leanne Baker Daily Range” and it will show you every kind of product. Once you select what you want, for example “Weekly Planner” you will see a page where you can select the design you want, for example, Aspire. 


Do you have PayPal as a payment option?

No, we do not offer this. We do however have a fully secured website to take your payments.


Can I express my order?

There is no express handling. When you choose express shipping it only applies to shipping and not processing times. While we pride ourselves on great customer service and we try to be as helpful as we can, the answer for quicker processing time with planners will always, unfortunately, have to be a no.


Are you offering pick up days again this year? How do I avoid paying the shipping amount?

Yes, we are offering 2 pick up days. One in Bundaberg and the other in Brisbane. 

Brisbane (around the Loganholme area) pick up - Saturday, November 2nd.

Bundaberg pick up - Sunday, November 3rd.

If you are choosing to pick up, you will need to add in the following codes at checkout in order to remove the shipping amount.

Codes are:

LOGANHOLME (for pick up in Loganholme)

BUNDABERG (for pick up in Bundaberg)


Is it possible to add extra products into the same purchase? Or do they all need to be LBD products?

Yes any product can be added to your order, however they will all dispatch together at the same time in November (if ordered between August 30th and September 6th).


Do we have to purchase the matching notepads at the same time?

If you wish to save on shipping then yes, however these items will always be available to purchase. Take a look here to see all the gorgeous matching stationery.


Can we order the matching stickers from Posh Designs at the same time as our planner?

Absolutely you can, just please keep in mind that everything that is ordered together will dispatch together.



What is the cost of the planner? Is it a different price for the weekly and daily?

The price of our planners is the same for both our daily and weekly planners. During the presale, the cost of the planners are $57.95 plus shipping.
After presales close on September 6th, our planners will increase to $59.95 plus shipping.

Our Teacher Planners are $64.95 plus shipping.


Do I need a code for the bundle discounts?

No, discounts will be applied at checkout automatically (no code needed), provided all conditions have been met.


Do you have Afterpay?

Yes, we do.


What discounts are on offer for presales?

  • When you order an LBD planner (either daily or weekly) and a budget book in the same order - discount $5.00 off the budget book. 
  • Order an LBD planner (either daily or weekly) and a meal planner book (not a notepad) in the same order - discount $5.00 off the meal planner book.
  • Order an LBD planner (either daily or weekly) and any product from the Bundles and Gift Pack range in the same order - discount $5.00 off the personalised bundled pack




Can you transfer my cart from the online editor site to this new one? 

We cannot transfer the cart but we are working one on one with customers to access their designs, please email


Will my order still be in my cart from last Thursday?
No, we are using a different platform but all design saved to your account (within the online editor) can be accessed by us and still be able to be ordered (all personalised items, excluding the LBD planners and planner bags). If you would like to still order those products please email so we can assist you further.


Do I need to organise my previous cart/order from the online editor before the planners' launch?
No, it doesn’t have to be done this side of Friday night, we are happy to extend this time out a little to allow you (and us) to deal with all the enquires coming in.


Will the online editor be coming back?
Yes, we certainly hope so! Our customers loved it and we love it too. Once we have resolved some challenges around the hosting of that feature we hope to bring it back.


Was the website crash due to high traffic or another issue?

Yes, the traffic on the website did contribute/was related to the issues we had, however, it fell within the expected number and we were assured that the server would be able to handle this. We were let down by our tech and server provider despite our best efforts to ensure everything would go to plan. Padtastic sincerely apologies for this occurring and the stress it may have caused.

Did your website issues happen because you were using a low budget overseas provider?
We have seen a few comments to this effect and no this is not the case at all. It seems that assumptions have been made which are inaccurate. We were using a professional server company based on the Gold Coast that also hosts hundreds of small to large companies websites. We are now looking into different options.




How much will shipping cost?

Shipping will be calculated at checkout. There will be a flat rate offer for standard delivery and  Express Post.


Can I choose what courier service to use?

No, unfortunately not. If you choose Express it will go by Australia Post express service (it will still leave here sometime in November).


If you choose standard the delivery method could be Fastway or Australia Post.


Do you ship internationally and if so what is the cost?

Yes, we can ship anywhere within the world. When placing your order on our website you will be charged for your planner at the time of order and we will contact you with a shipping invoice. The prices vary greatly depending on the country of the delivery. Australia Post has given us these figures as a rough guide. Please note the shipping price will change depending on the weight of your order.



Can I change my cover design after I place my order?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to change your order once it is placed.


Can I change layouts/personalisation after ordering?

No, we are not able to make that change once your order is placed and confirmed.


My postal address has changed since I placed my order, how do I change this?

Please contact Padtastic (via email) immediately as the window to change your address will close quickly. Once we have downloaded the database and printed labels it will be too late to change it on our end.


I may be away when planners are sent out in November, could you please send my order out early?

Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate these requests due to the large volume we are handling. If you are worried about the delivery time frame, please leave a shipping address at checkout that will work for you, perhaps a friend or family member. 


I selected Pick Up instead of Delivery. What happens now?

This error will only be identified once our pick up days are finished. An invoice will be sent to you to arrange to pay for your parcel’s delivery and we will organise to have your parcel shipped. A small admin fee will be charged to send out and track invoices from one database to the other. Accidentally selecting Pick Up instead of Delivery delays the shipment of your planner, so be sure to double check you have selected the right option at checkout.

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