Have you ever wondered how to use the Leanne Baker Daily planner to its full capacity? Well, what better way to learn more, than from the creator herself.

Padtastic partnered with Leanne Baker to create and bring to life a day to a page planner, filled with all the things Leanne believes makes the biggest difference in people’s lives.

With the launch of the LBD back in 2016, Leanne shared the different sections within the LBD planner and her vision behind how to organise full days and achieve more; here is an extract from that very first planner.

At times, the amount on our to-do list can seem overwhelming. Choosing the top three things that need to be completed each day helps us to focus on what is most important. Doing three things each day means that you have ticked 21 things off your to-do list by the end of the week. That’s great progress!

I try to choose things that are not a part of my daily habits (like doing the laundry, dishes and quick tidy ups each night) so that I can tick new things off my list of three each day.

The notes section could be used to make note of a bill that is due that day, to remember someone’s birthday or to make a list of a few things that you need when you pop into town later in the day. The options are endless.

The schedule section of your daily page can be used to plan out your day.
There is space to record it all.

When I have a big day ahead of me with lots to do, I find breaking down what needs to be done into smaller, more manageable lists can really help.

I am a big believer that mornings make a big difference to the rest of your day. Try waking up before the rest of your family, pouring yourself a cup of tea and spending 10 minutes planning out your day before the rest of the family wake up. What is it that you want to achieve by the end of the day? Try to aim to do one thing each day that makes you happy and adds value to your life. You are more than worth it!

Make time to switch off. Turn off your phone, forget the housework for half an hour and do something for you. When things get busy around us, it can be easy to forget about our own needs. One of my favourite sayings is ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’. We need to take a moment to fill our own cup each day so that we can be the best versions of ourselves. Need some ideas? Make your health a priority, eat a nourishing breakfast, take the dog for a walk, run a bubble bath once the kids are in bed or simply pour yourself a cup of tea and enjoy the quiet. Sometimes the smallest addition to our days can make the biggest impact.

Wanting to focus on improving a specific part of your day? Use the daily habit tracker as a reminder of what you are working towards and how far you have come. Remember to be specific and to focus on one day at a time – progress not perfection.

Some ideas of habits you might want to work on:

• Making more time for fun
• Spending 10 minutes on decluttering a space
• Getting your body moving
• Reigning in your spending
• Working towards a savings goal
• Practice patience
• Go technology free for 2 hours each day
• Make sleep a priority

Think about what you could achieve if you spent every day this month working towards it.

You know the saying ‘If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’. Well, I think it was written with meal planning in mind. We’ve all been in the position where 5pm strikes and we have nothing left in the fridge and no backup plan for dinner. Weekly meal planning can help save money, time and your sanity. Spend half an hour each Sunday planning your nourishing meals for the week ahead and get your week off to a good start.

Take the time to refocus on your goals and check your progress.
Are you making your health a priority? Each month think of ways that you can put your health back at the top of your to-do list. Choose one or two things that you could do to improve your health.

Could you do better with your finances? Set a challenge and see whether you can stick to it. Start small - try having 5 'no spend days' in the month and then increase it next month. If you are already careful with your spending, try reaching a new savings goal or adding some money to a Christmas account.

Do you have a few projects in the house that you have been avoiding? Work towards getting one of them finished.

Above all else, when setting goals for the month, make time for fun. What fun could you have this month? Take the time to make sure you really get to LIVE.

Making new memories in the midst of our daily routines is really what matters most, but sometimes we need a gentle reminder to stop and make sure we are scheduling time in to switch off and enjoy the people around us. Each month, as you plan out what the next 4/5 weeks will look like, I’m challenging you to choose 2-3 things that you want to do to make new memories with the people around you. A new month might be the perfect time to organise to meet a friend for coffee and cake, take the kids to the movies or have date night in with your partner. Try to start each month by scheduling in what matters most, before you begin filling your calendar with other commitments.

Make this your year to find balance, make memories and to live with intention. Leanne xx

It’s important to remember that no one system will work for everyone and this is also true of a planner. Try out different things until it is functioning well for you – there is no right or wrong way to use it. It’s essential to adapt your planner to make it work for you.

Amanda will be sharing soon in a blog post on how the LBD planner personally works for her. Leanne also shares hints and tips on her Facebook page @LeanneBakerDaily on a regular basis so head on over there to be inspired to use your LBD each and every day!


We'd love to hear how you use and benefit from your LBD planner.



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