How to get organised for Christmas


Anyone who says Christmas is “the most wonderful time of the year” has discovered the secret to knocking back silly season stress.

Seriously, it’s a lot of work, right?! Trying to budget, find presents, and keep your sanity in check throughout the process. I’ve certainly been in that frazzled state of mind. You probably have too. But let me reassure you that you CAN take charge of Christmas if you haven’t had a stress-free one so far.

My gift to you this year is tips on how to get organised and feel in control of the festive season. So let’s unwrap those now… 

🎄Find the perfect pressies in a gift guide

If you’re struggling to think of who wants what this year, let someone else do the hard work for you! 

Gift guides are an amazingly easy way to find the perfect presents for your loved ones - just like our one! Keep your eye out for unique ideas from other small Aussie businesses if you love supporting local!

🎄Plan ahead

Say it with us: I won’t leave things until the last minute this year.

Planning ahead will relieve the stress of wondering whether your online orders will come in time. Make sure you keep an eye on any Christmas postage cut-offs, or simply get your gifts earlier to avoid the rush all together!  

🎄Keep track of that plan

To avoid gasping at the fact that you’ve forgotten little Billy’s present, I suggest putting your plan on paper (or your phone, if that’s what works better for you!). It’s all about keeping track of your movements! 

Write out your gift ideas for everyone, and then mark them off as purchased as that happens. A checklist notepad will be extra satisfying for this (and useful, of course!) since you get to tick things off as you go. I personally also love keeping everything in a planner to make any extra notes along the way! 

🎄Wrap your gifts sooner rather than later!

Now, wrapping is something I always forget and end up rushing!! So this tip is for both of us — schedule in time to wrap those gifts. Or wrap them as you buy them.
Either way, this will make things far less overwhelming. 

🎄Spread out tasks

Something else that can be majorly stress inducing is trying to do everything at once. So, spread out your tasks! 

This will make the likes of decorating and organising the Christmas day menu actually fun instead of full-on. 

🎄It’s okay to say no

This is a big pill to swallow, but it’s okay to say no!

Be intentional with saying YES to social invites and only go if you really can and really want to.


At the end of the day, the key word to remember is PLAN. Make one. Stick to it. Have it in a physical form so that you get handy reminders and keep track of everything nice and easily. Then you’ll get to have more fun and less stress this Christmas!

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