How To Use Exercise In Your Self-Care Routine

Self-care is something that is being more of a necessity for everyone as our lives are becoming busier and busier. Self-care comes in numerous forms and for many it means something different; some might love a bubble bath and a cup of tea whilst others might like a hike through a forest. Whilst I love indulging, a massive part of my self-care is keeping healthy and fit.

Just like many of you, my life is crazy busy; between three jobs and full time University studies I don’t have much spare time. However, I’ve found a few tips and tricks that allow me to fit gym and exercise into my schedule and 80% of the time I eat quite well.


Here are my Top 5 Tips for staying healthy and fit: 

1. Find 5 of your favourite healthy lunch recipes

I always find lunch is the hardest meal to control, breakfast and dinner I can easily stay healthy with, but lunch meals and snacks are something I struggle with. It’s hard finding a balance between healthy and something that keeps you full until dinner.

These are my 5 favourites lunches that are healthy that keep me on track;

  • Taco Bowls (Mexican chicken, lettuce, spinach, tomato, corn, salsa, lactose free sour cream and Gluten Free corn chips)
  • Zucchini Slice (Fill it with as many veggies as you can)
  • Chicken and Steamed Veggies (I find cheap chicken, season it and cook some steamed veggies)
  • Sweet Chilli Chicken Wraps (Sweet Chilli Chicken tenderloins, lettuce, spinach, carrot, tomato, sweet chilli sauce and wholemeal wraps)
  • Stir Fry (Chicken stir-fry strips, a stir through sauce, stir-fry vegetables and Quinoa)

Remember; it’s 80% food, 20% exercise.

Padtastic tip: Use a meal planner on your fridge to help you stay on track!

Meal Prep for Self Care

2. Find your favourite forms of exercise

Some of us love lifting weights, others like cardio and running and then some love hiking and exploring the outdoors, everyone likes different things. My best advice is that you find what works for you, my body due to injuries cannot cope with heaps of cardio so my favourite form of exercise is weights and walking. Each type of exercise obviously has different effects on the body so find what works best for you and what you also enjoy, there is no point exercising if you hate it. I can promise you, there is a type of exercise you’ll enjoy you just have to find it!


3. Incorporate exercise into your hobbies

I’m super lucky that my love of dance has given me opportunities to teach it as it means I get to squeeze even more of it into my week. Dance is a great form of cardio, but it is also one of my loves and passions. I honestly believe if you make one of your hobbies exercise related, you’ll love it. There is Dance, Pilates, Hiking, Zumba, Running, Swimming…the opportunities are endless. I’m at dance six hours a week spread across three days and I love every moment of it, I don’t think about the calories I’m burning as I’m purely enjoying myself.


4. There is time, you just have to make it

I promise you, there are 30 minutes in your day that you could spend exercising. We spend on average 62 minutes on social media a day, half that and there’s half an hour to exercise. It doesn’t have to be an insane amount every day, but you need to make the effort if you want to see results. Whether it’s getting up half an hour earlier, walking home rather than driving to work, working out after work. I promise, if you want to make the change, you’ll find the time.

exercise for self care

5. Count the cm’s not the kg’s

Obviously, we all work out for different reasons, some of us are on a weight-loss journey, others are needing to put on weight and muscles and some simply do it to keep their bodies healthy, limber and mobile.  The best way to track progress that I’ve found is to track cm’s not kg’s, there is so many factors that can alter our weight, so cm’s is a lot more reliable. I also encourage you to take photos, whilst it can be super confronting it can also be so motivating and inspiring when you’ve made progress.

My final point is to make sure you are doing it for yourself, no one else. The hardest thing I’ve found and still struggle with is not comparing myself to anyone else; some people can get up at 5am every morning and work out before a day of work, other people don’t need to exercise as their metabolism allows them to keep healthy without the sweat and some enjoy being at the gym at 9pm. Whatever works for you, might not work for someone else and that is totally okay. You’re number 1!

“For me, exercise is more than just physical – it’s therapeutic.”

  • Michelle Obama

Lots of love,

B xoxo

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Exercising is something I struggle to fit in or be motivated to do and then I give myself a hard time for not doing it so I found this article very uplifting and informative so I’ll be incorporating these things into my weekly planner!

Emma Kirk October 03, 2019

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