How mental load reduction can improve your everyday life

If “Under Pressure” is your theme song, we need to talk. 🗣

Emotional exhaustion and burnout are waaaay too common these days. But boy can it feel hard to balance all of life’s responsibilities! 

We were in the same boat until we heard about (and started practicing) mental load reduction. The ‘mental load’ in question not only refers to how much information we can keep up there at any given time, but the emotional load we carry from everything life throws at us. 

That’s where the reduction part comes in… There are many helpful methods which fall under the mental load reduction umbrella, each aiming to ease and reduce a lot of daily pressures you may be feeling! 

These methods are exactly what we’re here to share with you today, so, let’s get into them…


✨Pen to paper

To ease the pressure of having to remember your to-dos, what Bob just told you over the phone, or anything else that filters through, put pen to paper.

Let your mind breathe a little by not needing to retain all of that information!

This can look like anything from keeping a daily planner, writing out your meal plan and shopping list for the week ahead, having a dedicated space for brain dumps, keeping track of your spending and budgets. Literally anything that will help you feel on top of your life without the added mental strain! 



The emotional side of your mental load can get very heavy, very fast. 

Maybe something has stressed you out and you can’t stop thinking about it. Write it out in your journal, or talk to someone to get it off your chest. 

If the kids were a lot today, have a bubble bath after they’ve gone to bed.

Do what you can to tend to your emotional wellbeing to avoid that dreaded mental exhaustion or burnout! 


✨Share the load

Sharing is caring!

Instead of piling up your mental load, find someone to share it with.

Ask your partner to help with chores around the house. Kindly see if your neighbour can help with a task that you absolutely cannot do on your own. 

You may feel like you can do it all, and sometimes you can, but that doesn’t mean you should. Balance is the key to not becoming overwhelmed. 


✨Map out deadlines and due dates

Knowing what’s coming can help how you’re feeling right in this moment. 

Mapping out future deadlines and key dates can help you plan around them, and become prepared for what else you can squeeze in, or alternatively, when you should start saying no.


✨Have a stockpile of gifts

If shopping for birthdays and events is something that stresses you out, start a little stockpile! 

When you see something a loved one would like at any point in the year, buy it and put it aside. That way, you have a good stash of gifts well ahead of time to save the pre-event stress.

One last tip: one of our best-selling mental load reduction tools has returned… the Mental Health Planner! Get your hands on one here

We hope this has all given you a brighter outlook for the near-future! Better days are right around the corner 💗


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