How I Use Trello In My Business

July 23, 2019

How I Use Trello In My Business

There is so much happening behind the scenes at Padtastic HQ - to be honest there always is!

We are a small team but a busy and productive one. We are creatives by nature so there is always something in the works and new ideas being nurtured and developed. Amanda (aka me!) is always working on multiple projects and goals at once.

What this means is a countless number of emails going back and forth between the team members and it can be completely OVERWHELMING just trying to keep up with it all.

Working hard on trying to reply and keeping those emails at a manageable level is a constant struggle. It’s so disheartening to spend hours on managing the inbox to walk away and do another task to come back to an overflowing and out of control inbox. So the cycle continues.

It is a constant challenge.

Well, that was in the past and I have now found a great solution that works perfectly for me! It is a total game changer!


Oh how I love it - it is my new favourite thing EVER!

I was introduced to this by my lovely VA, Cass {this lady honestly has a range of different superpowers and she is amazing! I am so well supported by her and her tips and tricks make such a huge difference in my working life which also flows through to my personal life too!}.

Anyway I digress, now back to Trello

What is Trello? It’s been described as an online corkboard or having digital post-it notes. It’s a tool for project management and task management and I use it as a way to communicate and assign tasks easily to my remote team members and to keep everything organised and in one place!

How does Trello work for me?
It allows me to create cards and lists and assign tasks to specific team members, with due dates and upload any shared files they will need. It also allows everyone to stay on top of our project and gives them a visual of what others are currently working on, as it updates in real-time and it allows all the items associated with that project to be seen on the one page.

It really does help our team to work together, to understand each others’ roles and responsibilities and ultimately help me to be a better project manager.

I now use Trello wherever I can! Nearly every person that I work with remotely I have implemented and created a board for us to work together on.

Here are the main Trello boards that I work on:

  • All the work that I assign to my VA, Cass. {Obviously as this is where it all started!}
  • The lovely Jarrah who helps me out with our socials.
  • Managing everything that is needed for the 2020 LBD planners with Leanne Baker.
  • Working with the developers to create our new online editor.
  • And….most recently I have put our Creative Feedback Team on to Trello and they have all taken to this new way of communicating so easily and quickly and it’s working a treat!

On a personal note: I’ve just created a trip planning board with my family so we can all coordinate and plan our next trip away. It’s working so well having it all in one place and it’s exciting for everyone to see the new developments.

By using Trello it has allowed me to have one system that works across so many different projects. I have the app on my phone which allows me the flexibility to answer quick questions on the go and when I’m out of the office.

My biggest motivation to use Trello was to reduce the avalanche of emails in my inbox and to help reduce my anxiety and feelings of overwhelm whenever I had to work in my inbox. What I didn’t expect and has turned out to be a beneficial advantage, is increased productivity and more organisation {two big wins in my book!}.

Before you all think that I’ve gone completely digital, that is not the case. Trello is simply (but powerfully) replacing the copious amount of regular emails that were been exchanged with my remote team members. I still LOVE writing lists and this happens EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. and I rely on this as much as I ever have. My love for physically writing things down and clearing my mental clutter is still strong and very much needed and I can’t see this changing anytime soon!

Have you ever heard of Trello? Or used this platform for work or your personal life?
Have I intrigued you to Google it and find out more and how you could possibly use it in your life? I’d love to hear your experience or if you do start using it, please let me know down below or email me at

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