Mother's Day Gift Guide

April 27, 2020 1 Comment

Mother's Day Gift Guide

With the possibility of being apart from your Mum this Mother's Day, it pays to put a little extra thought and effort into a gift this year, to show her you're thinking of her, especially when a hug may not be possible right now!


We'd love to share with you our favourite finds this year for a Mother's Day gift.


A Christina Re Mug.

Basically anything from this collection just oozes elegance, I especially love this Polka Dot Mug in Gold Blush. I always feel like a bit of royalty sipping my tea or coffee from this!


Image credit: Christina Re



Bath Soaks by Just Be You Proudly

Does your Mum love a quiet relaxing soak in the bath tub every now and then? Bit of a rhetorical question, right! Any of these gorgeous bath soaks are guaranteed to elevate her next bath. 

 Image credit: Just Be You Proudly



A beauty bundle by Bettyquette

Following the indulgent trend, our next recommendation from this beauty brand is going to be your Mums new favourite part of her skincare routine. Simply apply the oil and relax on the couch as you apply the roller over your entire face. Not only is it the perfect way to help with the absorption of your skincare products, but this beautiful tool can also help improve skin elasticity, ease facial muscle tension
and reduce the appearance of facial puffiness.

 Image credit: Bettyquette



Australian Tea Blends by Tea For She

Offering an amazing range of tea blends, specifically designed for women, and made right here in Australia. Beth is on a mission to make women feel treasured, nurtured and worthy, through the use of the tea ritual, as a gateway for self-care. Pop it in her new mug from Christina Re, and that's a match made in heaven.


 Image credit: Tea for She



Great reads by inspirational women.

Does your Mum love to relax and lose herself in a book? I have just started reading this book, Born Great by Emily Gowor and I am loving it. Next on my list is a book by Lisa Messenger. You can find a list of her inspirational reads right here.



 Image credit: Emily Gower



T-Shirts by Mum Life The Label

Empower your Mum with one of these simple, yet statement t-shirts that will tell the world just how amazing you think she is.

Image credit: Mum Life The Label



Winter Pajamas by Modal Kate.

These pajamas can make it so hard to get out them, some days! They have a super soft feel, and are the perfect weight to lounge around the house and snuggle under the covers without overheating. I especially love the classic navy colour.


Image credit: David Jones 


Personal Styling Session

Sometimes it's just so refreshing to have someone lend a hand with your wardrobe (kind of like a fairy godmother). Enter Kate from the Northern Styler! We can all get lost in our wardrobes at times and wear the same pieces every day. Kate's personal styling sessions are so easy going, and takes the hassle out of finding some 'go-to' pieces in your wardrobe.


Image credit: Kate from the Northern Styler 


The gift of words.

I would be remiss if I didn't recommend some way of putting pen to paper as a gift for Mother's Day!

I love making a bit of a special moment out of writing down my thoughts for the day, or my monthly goals. Make myself a cup of tea, snuggle in my favourite chair, and get writing! I love this Fountain Pen from Scratch and Jotter - it adds elegance to the task! And of course, a personalised notebook always goes well.


Image credit: Scratch and Jotter

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Kirsten Smith
Kirsten Smith

June 04, 2020

Such a fabulous gift guide. Thank you for including bettyquette in the mix 💖

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