FAQ - Launch of the 2019 LBD Planners!


What date does ordering begin?
Saturday 1st September at 5pm (AEST) 

What is the cost of the planner? Is it a different price for the weekly and daily?
The cost is the same for both options - $57.95 plus shipping. 

 What is the cost of shipping?

Do you ship internationally and if so what is the cost?
Yes we can ship anywhere within the world. When placing your order on our website you will be charged for your planner at the time of order and we will contact you with a shipping invoice. The prices vary greatly depending on the country of the delivery. 

Can I choose what courier service to use?
Unfortunately we do not offer this service due to the high volume of orders expected.

What are my choices for 2019?
These are our 7 amazing designs for 2019 and this year you will have the option of choosing a daily or a weekly layout for your planner - full details are available on our website.

Can you tell me the specifications of the planners? The size, paper stock etc.
Of course, all this information can be found on our website in the product description.

Am I guaranteed the cover of my choice?
Unfortunately no, all planners will be will be dependent on stock levels. Once they sell out that will be it for 2019.

What happens if my planner of choice sells out?
Once stock is sold out that is it for 2019 planners. We will not be doing another round so if you would like to secure your planner, get in as close as possible to orders opening.  

Will you be offering a second and third round like you have in other years?
No, we will not be offering another round. We did run a pre-order round from 25 - 31 May which are guaranteed and for this launch we have accounted for a significant amount of new orders to hopefully accommodate the demand.

How quickly are the planners likely to sell out?
This question is impossible to answer as we cannot predict what will happen. Last year they sold out within 26 minutes but we have looked at the previous sales and interest towards the planners and have increased this number significantly. 

The weekly planner is a new product for 2019 so can you please tell me the size of the morning, afternoon and evening boxes on the weekly spread?What is the weight difference between the daily and the weekly planner?
As a good estimate the daily planner is approx. 790g and the weekly weighs in approx. 680g.

How do I place an order for weekly vs daily?
All the products are loaded on the same page, however please ensure you select the correct product type - DAILY OR WEEKLY before you confirm your order. The same cover option appears twice (see below image) the difference is with the text underneath.

Can I change my cover design after I place my order?
Unfortunately we will not be able to change your order once it is placed.

Is it possible to add extra products into the same purchase? Or do they all need to be LBD products?
Yes any product can be added to your order, however they will all dispatch together at the same time in December. 

Do we have to purchase the matching notepads at the same time?
If you wish to save on shipping then yes, however these items will always be available to purchase. Take a look here to see all the gorgeous matching stationery.

Can we order the matching stickers from Posh Designs at the same time as our planner?
Absolutely you can, just please keep in mind that everything that is ordered together will dispatch together. 

Does the planner cover label with your name on it come with the planner?
No this is a separate product to enhance your LBD planner if you wish to have personalisation but it is not part of the cost of the planner – just a lovely optional extra by Posh Designs.

Are we able to use Afterpay to purchase the planners?
Yes absolutely. Please note that you will begin paying for your purchase through Afterpay as you normally would but you will not receive your goods until they dispatch in December.

Do you have PayPal as a payment option?
No we do not offer this. We do however have Afterpay and a fully secured website to take your payments.

Are you offering pick up days again this year? How do I avoid paying the shipping amount?
Yes, we are offering 2 pick up days, however unfortunately this option was only available for the pre-order round. Sorry! 

Can I change from a daily to a weekly? I ordered during the pre-order round.
Unfortunately we are not able to make that change once your order is placed and confirmed.

My postal address has changed since I placed my order in pre-orders, how do I change this?
Please contact Padtastic (via email) immediately as this window to change your address is quickly closing. Once we have downloaded the database and printed labels it will be too late to change it on our end.

I may be away when planners are sent out in December, could you please send my order out early?
Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate these requests due to the large volume we are handling. If you are worried about the delivery time frame, please leave a shipping address at checkout that will work for you, perhaps a friend or family member. 


Please ensure you CAREFULLY check all your details, including name, address, and products ordered BEFORE you hit submit on your order.

Good luck with your ordering and have fun selecting your planner for 2019!

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Hi Leanne
I’ve seen your message above and wondering if you have placed your order online during preorders? If you have then your order would have been paid for during that ordering process. If you would like to message or email me directly I can help you further. Amanda

Amanda September 01, 2018

Hi just confirming my three planners daily style…how can I pay you.leanne

Leanne Elizabeth Middleton August 31, 2018

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