Evening rituals to help end your day (and start the next) in a positive way

Sweet dreams are made of this — ‘this’ being mindful evening rituals! 
Just as going to bed angry is a bad idea, so is hitting the hay feeling stressed about the following day. 

Now although we can’t make all of your deadlines and meetings-that-should’ve-been-emails disappear (sorry!), we can give you some tips on how to knock back plenty of daily stresses before sleep time.

Let’s take a look at some evening rituals that will help you end the day on a positive note AND have you feeling organised and ready to go when you wake up. 


Write down your priorities for the next day

If tomorrow is sounding very scattered right now, it’s time to get things in order! 

Making a plan (we recommend a to-do list) is the best way to feel prepared. Write out your priorities in order of importance and try to tackle the biggest job when you’re at your freshest in the morning. 

There’s really nothing like saving less thought-heavy tasks for the afternoon! 

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Do what can be done to save time the next day

By no means is this us telling you to work past your business hours!! 

Rather, you can save yourself the trouble of preparing lunches in the morning by getting it done as dinner is cooking, or get the kids to pack their bags and lay out their clothes for the following day, just to name a couple of ideas.

These little tasks will save a LOT of time in the morning and give you some breathing room if any unexpected occurrences have you running a little bit late! 


Clean up the kitchen

What’s better than waking up to a fresh kitchen?!

After dinner, rally who’s willing in the household to help you tidy up. Clean the dishes, wipe down the benches, put things back where they belong… and then await the impending breakfast mess. 



Set aside some time for the wholesome 

Now that you’re feeling prepared for the next day, it’s time to unwind!

Play a card game with the family, do your skincare routine, catch up on your fav Netflix series, or whatever helps you reward the hard work you’ve done today. 

It’s well-earned to say the least! 


Go technology-free for one hour before bed 

Screen time isn’t always the best time, and being logged on right before bed can actually make it harder to get to sleep! 

Make sure you give yourself a decent break from technology before bedtime. You can read your favourite book, write in your journal, or have a good chat with your partner now that the kids are finally in bed.


At the end of the day, it’s important to be kind to yourself and to adopt mindful rituals that will help you do that.

Do what you can to get prepared and then unwind for a much needed rest! 

Sweet dreams, friends! 


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