Documenting kids and babies' milestones

April 14, 2019

Documenting kids and babies' milestones

Babies grow up so quickly and before long most of us find ourselves trying to remember what age they were walking and talking and eating and sleeping through the night. Baby books are great, but often miss things we might like to remember or add in ourselves, and usually only go up to age 1 – so why not create your own?!

A Padtastic notebook is super versatile, comes in a large range of designs and can be personalised with each child’s name on the front. Both the A4 and A5 sizes have 100 high quality pages each and strong wire binding, and each page can be personalised with 6 fonts for the page header with any wording that you like (a special quote would be perfect!) You can also decide whether lines, blank pages or a bullet grid (or a combination of these) would work best for how you decide to create your baby or child’s memory book.

Once you have chosen your design and personalisations, start by deciding how you will document your child’s milestones and memories:

  • With just photos or photos with captions for each week, month and year
  • In chronological order beginning with their birth
  • A diary format with journal entries
  • Using a page for each week

I personally like the idea of documenting in chronological order, beginning with their birth and noting down things like:

  • When, where and the time of birth
  • Their name, why it was chosen and what it means
  • A family tree
  • Weight, length and head circumference
  • Hair and eye colour
  • Their visitors, gifts and when they went home
  • Handprints and footprints (a blank notebook would be perfect for this!)
  • The firsts: first bath, first haircut, first tooth, first meal, first time they slept through the night, first time they rolled over, crawled, sat up, first outing, first Christmas
  • Favourites: food, nursery rhyme, toy
  • Each birthday – what they did, who celebrated with them, gifts they received, as well as their statistics like height

I love the idea of keeping the notebook where you can easily access it to be able to jot down those funny quotes they come out with, or any funny or notable memories, even just the everyday occurrences, like daily routines at different ages. Or, if you find you struggle with finding time to add to a milestone book, jot down the funny things they say on a notepad or even in your phone, and once a month make it a goal to grab your notebook out and add to it (and print those photos you might want to add in too!)

If your kids are older now, you might want to create a notebook to document their school years, with samples of their artwork (scanned in and printed out to fit the size of notebook, or cut to size) and their writing, as well as their favourite things (like food, sport, subject etc.) for each year, who their teacher and friends were, and what they want to be when they grow up.

The possibilities are endless, especially because you’ve created your own book so you aren’t limited by what you can add, and you can keep it as simple or detailed as you like! Documenting memories and milestones is so lovely to look back on in years to come, and would be a special gift for your kids once they leave home!

What sort of things do you like to (or would you like to) document in a baby’s or kid’s milestone book? Let me know in the comments!


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