Amanda is back!

It’s been a while…..a long while since you’ve heard from us. Sorry! But I have my reasons, promise!

This blog will be a little different as I give you a quick, personal update on the reasons behind our radio silence. I’ve had extended leave from work, after having surgery due to my Endometriosis flaring up again and causing havoc on my life :( It’s a journey that I shared back in March, and at the time I was doing fantastic and symptom free. Life, however, has a way of throwing us curve balls when we least expect it {maybe that’s a blog post for another time}!

I’m fortunate enough that I’ve been able to take the time needed to look after my health, with having a great support network at home and also within our business has made the biggest difference to my recovery period. I’ve now been given the all clear to return to work on a part time basis for the next month or so and then I should be back firing on all cylinders again.

Whilst I learnt how to delegate well during my time off – {people really do step up when you give them a chance!!} - as a business owner there are some things that I have to deal with personally and since my return to work, I’ve had a lot on my plate. The overwhelm at times is right up there {some days next level!} but I’ve also ensured that I’ve taken a few essential steps to help!

Making lists and breaking my day down into sections within my LBD planner has been my number one lifesaver! By writing everything down and having it out of my head, clears space to tackle the important things. Ticking off jobs is an awesome feeling! {heck yeah}!

Beth for Organising with B wrote a great blog post beginning of July; all about Paper vs digital planning! I’m definitely a 100% paper planner (love it!!!!!) at home and a mix of paper and digital at work but where I can I always revert back to paper {surrounded by beautiful stationery is a big pull!}. Beth has shared some of her top reasons why she chooses paper planning and I back her all the way. If you haven’t read her blog post, click on the link above.

Sarah from Keeping up the Joneses must be reading my mind right NOW! as she has written a great blog post on the Power of writing lists! It’s was published late last week and she says ‘lists prioritise and focus your attention’ and gee whiz this is so accurate! It really has made all the difference to working through my most urgent jobs!

Thanks again ladies for contributing such insightful and knowledgeable content for our blogs and I so enjoy reading and learning from you both.

Also I would like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you who sent me a message to check-in how I was doing, or sent a card or gift while I was recovering – the support and concern shown is absolutely incredible. Thank you!

I will be showing up again on social media, slowly, and I would love you to stop by and say hi!

Until next time,
Love Amanda (and her amazing team mates from Padtastic!) xx


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