Achieving your dream

And just like that, my dreams have come true.

Only some people are lucky enough to say that their dreams have come true, on the 10th of October 2019, my dream came true…I became a registered teacher!


When I was four years old, like all other children, I was asked by so many what I wanted to be when I grew up…my answer was, and always has been “I am going to be a teacher.”


During my time at high school, I decided that I wanted to be an English and History teacher, and when I finished Year 12 I was offered my first preference at the University of Adelaide in a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Teaching (Middle and Secondary).


I began my degree nervous, out of my depth and completely unaware of what was ahead of me. My first year of Uni definitely made me feel like a newborn giraffe, attempting to find my feet and find my path. I made sure I picked electives that interested me as well as related to my degree and I made some really great friends. I had one five-day Placement in a primary school, which was an observation period and was there to ensure that we wanted to be high school teachers. I was lucky enough to complete my Placement at the school where I’ve been an SSO for the past three years and my mentor is now a really close friend.


Second-year presented some difficulties that at times made me question if I was on the right path. I was unsure if high school teaching was what I wanted or whether I wanted primary school, I researched changing universities…so many thoughts came to mind. And then, I went on Placement. Second-year Placement was five days in a country high school. I was lucky enough to go to my Mum’s hometown, where I knew the people, the community and fitted into the country lifestyle really well. This was the spark that ignited my passion for teaching English and History at a high school level. By the end of my second year, I was a fully-grown giraffe, I’d found my feet and I was standing tall.


Third-year was all about completing my Bachelor of Arts, which meant it was all starting to get a little bit real, I was over halfway. We didn’t have a Placement this year to ensure we could focus purely on our Arts degree. I had to complete a Capstone subject which meant it was worth double the credits of a normal course and had a major assignment which acted as the conclusion of our Arts degree. It was not an easy year, some of the assignments I wrote had insane word counts but it was one that taught me patience, trust of myself and my abilities and that there is nothing wrong with asking for help. My Uni friendship group became stronger as we all helped each other out and made sure we had a lot of fun along the way.


My fourth and final year of University, has been out of this world! It has been hard, challenging, exhausting but at the same time it has been exhilarating, exciting, emotional and most of all fulfilling. This year involved two Placements both of which I had really incredible experiences and super supportive mentors. It has been full of reading, writing, researching, lesson and unit planning, evaluating and reflection. My Uni friendship group has become stronger than ever and I don’t think I would have survived my second Placement without my pals. We stuck with each other trying to comprehend all the logistics of becoming real teachers and understanding our assignment briefs. We went out and had a heap of fun and I am extremely thankful for the group of friends I’ll be graduating within early 2020.


It still doesn’t really feel real when I say that I’ve completed one degree, let alone two. At the time the constant reading, writing of essays and more reading seemed so slow but in reality, the past four have flown by and I cannot wait to start my next journey.


This last week has been actually insane in terms of getting all my paperwork finalised and becoming a registered teacher. As I look back on the last four years, not only have they gone insanely fast, but my University journey has taught me so much, the top 5 things though…


  1.     Trust and believe in yourself
  2.     Be organised
  3.     Stay on top of your due dates and class reading
  4.     Make resources that will help you (I made a Referencing Guide first year and it was my saviour)
  5.     Follow your dreams!


I was extremely lucky to be offered full time work straight out of University, teaching in Term 4 at one of my Placement schools. The feeling is one that I haven’t actually been able to explain, I’m not sure if I’m excited or scared or all of it mushed together.


Keeping in theme of my other blogs,


“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”

-          Oprah Winfrey


Lots of love,

B xoxo

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