A note from Amanda: Mindset

Having a healthy mindset is SO important and I have certainly been reminded of this in the past week.

What I didn’t expect when I choose the topic of Mindset for July, is that mine would take a downward spiral as we kicked off the month – it took me by complete surprise! I’ve struggled over the past week with feelings of being inadequate, questioning my abilities to lead my team to complete our new feature for our website, not dealing with setbacks well, struggling with problem-solving and generally lacking positivity and confidence in myself. It has been a challenge!

Why am I sharing this? If you read my recent blog post I promised myself I would work on being vulnerable, so here I am, keeping it real and honest as possible. 

Right now, I am working my way back to having that strong and healthy mindset. Changing my mindset is as simple as making the decision to, sounds easy right? It’s not easy but I know it will be worth it! 

Having a strong and healthy mindset has helped me to where I am today and I believe in this SO strongly as it has helped me accomplish so much in my life and more importantly to feel content and fulfilled.

We don’t always have control over things in our lives but we do have control over our thoughts and the feelings we attach to them. 

My mindset journey actually started with changing my money mindset around 5+ years ago. I worked on this consistently (and still do) and amazing things have happened for our family. 

Being surrounded by others who share the same mindset like the amazing Amanda Campeanu helps to keep it in focus. Amanda has written about her experience with money triggers and her money mindset and it’s an interesting and thought-provoking read.

From making positive changes to our finances through this method, I started to look at other ways to incorporate this into my life. Back then I was not a negative person but a massive worrier. I had to change my entire outlook by training my mind to see things in a new light. I got super clear of what I wanted and why and what is truly important to me and this brings me back to the foundations that I’ve built over the years.

If you are struggling with your mindset and have no idea where to start, Casey Mason is a Mindset Coach and she has written a blog for us on 5 ways to improve your mindset and it is the perfect place to start.

I’d love to hear your stories of success or challenges around your mindset or if you would like to hear more from me, let me know. My inbox is always open!

Need a little bit of inspiration? Save our 10 Mindset Mantras below, and join us in our Mini Challenge for July, by sending us your own personal mantras to hello@padtastic.com, or tagging us in your mantras on our Instagram @padtasticpersonalised


I look forward to hearing from you!

You are capable of so much more than you can even imagine!

Love Amanda


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