A new tradition for Father’s Day!

How nice is it to celebrate anything and everything? I love celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and Easter, as well as Mother’s & Father’s Days. I also just love celebrating getting to Friday and the weekend each week! How lovely is it to acknowledge those special people in our lives though, and to give them meaningful gifts that they can treasure forever. We can do this every day of course, but as Father’s Day is just around the corner (the 2nd of September this year), I thought it would be fitting to highlight a gift idea that you may want to start as a tradition in your family this year (and is perfect for Mother’s Day too!)

I love receiving gifts, especially those in which lots of thought has gone into buying them, just for me, however I just can’t go past a homemade gift. My girl’s (currently aged 3 and 22 months) have brought home some wonderful Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts that their day-care mum and preschool teachers have helped them create over the years, and both Brendan (my husband) and I just love and treasure them. Cards are always so sweet to receive, especially with a thoughtful message or drawing!

Why not explore Padtastic’s wide range of notebooks and personalise one for Father’s Day (and one for Mother’s Day while you are there!) with a simple ‘Happy Father’s/Mother’s Day’ on the front, or your parent or carer or special person’s name, or even ‘I love you Dad,’ or ‘I love you Mum.’ You can also personalise a message for inside the notebook which will appear on each page. Something like ‘Dear Dad…’ and ‘Dear Mum…’ would work well, or even a special quote. You can choose lined or unlined pages, or even a combination of bullets/checklists/grids, depending on whether you would like a handwritten message each year, or some drawings and decorative items as well.

The idea is that prior to Father’s or Mother’s Day each year, your kids take time to create a special drawing, or write a meaningful message about how much they appreciate their Mum or Dad (or step-parent, carer, grandparent etc.). Whatever they can do for their age is perfect, and accompanied with the date and a photo of themselves, in years to come it will be not only the ideal perpetual gift, but it will be a journal of how they have changed and grown over the years, and a treasured collection of artwork, design, decoration, photos and messages to look back on.

If you have older kids, it’s never too late to start, and if your kids live away, you might be able to send them the notebook each year for them to fill in, or you could stick in an email or handwritten message they’ve sent to you. The possibilities are endless, and are only limited by your children’s imaginations!

Are you keen to try this idea for Father’s Day this year? I’d love to know your thoughts – feel free to leave a comment below!


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I absolutely adore this idea – I am absolutely going to implement this into our lives.

Meagan Fitzgerald September 17, 2018

Great idea Sarah!

Chantal August 09, 2018

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