A little introduction!

August 10, 2018

A little introduction!

A big hello and welcome from Emily and Jade!

We are the names and faces behind Posh Designs and we are excited to bring a little creativity and enjoyment to your LBD planners with some fun and functional planner stickers!

We are the daughters of Robert and Amanda (aka the Padtastic masterminds) and while we have our parents support and guidance and use of their website and graphic designers! (thanks mum and dad); Jade and I will be the ones, printing, cutting, processing and dispatching your orders.

The idea of running our own little business came from a couple of things that happened revolving around the LBD planners. Firstly, at Christmas both Jade and I were gifted with an LBD planner and a bunch of planner stickers and washi tape and we loved the creativity of adding these to our planners and really making it that little bit more fun to use and plan out our days. Secondly, I started helping mum with social media messages and emails for Padtastic and realised how many messages were received with requests for matching LBD planner stickers. Padtastic just didn’t have the time to devote to developing and creating planner stickers so the response sent back was always the same but I couldn’t stop thinking about all the requests received.

Jade and I were discussing business related topics one day! Probably sounds strange haha but for us it’s normal - I guess that is bound to happen when your parents run two businesses and maybe there is a little bit of entrepreneurial blood in us too! Jade and I discussed the possibility of starting our own business and making planner stickers and then we ‘presented’ our idea to our parents and pitched them for a loan so we could get started! Mum, Dad and Leanne Baker were all thrilled and excited for us and I guess we don’t have to say we were successful in our pitch because here we are launching Posh Designs by Emily and Jade.

The name of our new business holds a very special place in the hearts of our family of four and it definitely felt right when we were brainstorming business names. Posh, was our gorgeous black Labrador who was an adored member of our family until she passed away at age 14 last August.


Almost 12 months on, we still miss her every day and by having Posh in our business name is an extra special way for us to honour her spirit and memory. We just know how much she would have loved sitting at our feet while we were running the cutting machine and packing your orders!

There is not a day goes by that Posh doesn’t pop into our minds but the 17th of each month we remember her that little more as that is the day she left us. Some of you may remember us saying we had picked the 17th as our day to launch Posh Designs and this is why as we spent the day honouring and celebrating our beautiful girl, Posh, and the start of our new business!

Our branding came together very quickly once we decided on our name. We went with pink and black as this represented Posh the best and also black is one of Jade’s favourite colours and I can’t get enough of pink at the moment! Our tag line is a little play on words ‘The best kind of black mail’ since we are sending out all of your orders in a black envelope!

Our vision for our business is to create beautiful planner stickers that perfectly match and complement the LBD planner designs which will hopefully keep you motivated, organised and add fun to your planning. Our range will be a small boutique collection, focused around the concepts that the Leanne Baker Daily planners promote and aspire to help lead a more organised and simplified life!

We do have something extra exciting to launch very soon {happy dance} and once we have it all loaded onto Padtastic’s website we will let you know. We hope you are going to love it!

The support we have received so far is overwhelming and the first lot of orders totally blew us away! We were hoping for *maybe* 10-20 sticker sheets to be ordered on our launch day and that was exceeded by the time the second order came in within minutes of opening the orders. Wow!

Thank you all so much for your support and well wishes!
Emily and Jade xx

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