A Day With Revie Jane

June 24, 2019 1 Comment

A Day With Revie Jane

In the beginning

I have been following along with Revie Jane’s amazing journey through social media, as many thousands of others have.

Recently, I had the opportunity not only to attend her tour here in Brisbane with my daughter, Emily but also to be a sponsor of her event.

When Revie put out the call for gift bag contributors, we knew we had the perfect solution.

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous notepad to write down all your thoughts, plans and ideas, and to call your own? So that’s exactly what we made!

Together, we created an elegant and unique notepad design for Revie’s tour, which was gifted to an astounding 890 attendees across Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Personally and as a business, we connect with the values that Revie stands for, so it was a proud moment to be a part of this. Encouraging and supporting women to believe in themselves and to practise self-love and self-care in every day is incredibly important, and something that is close to my heart. It really put myself out there, not to mention Padtastic as a brand!

In addition, we had the chance to work with some incredible women, and alongside incredible businesses.

Being in touch with Revie’s super friendly and professional team - Revie’s PA, Kaeré, in particular, had incredibly fast responses to all my communications! - highlighted how much Revie cares about small business and the people behind them.


Review Jane Tour

Photo credit: Anne Carolien Köhler @gettogetherphoto


On the Day

Arriving at the venue, there was instantly an amazing vibe of positivity and anticipation in the air - it was magical!


Revie herself is the key to it all - she has an aura of strength and vibrancy about her, and spreads such a strong message of self-worth.


Listening to her speak, you can’t help but be affected by her sad back story, filled with pain. To be honest, a story that no child should have to live through. Revie is incredibly inspiring, turning her pain into passion and never giving up.


Something that I wasn’t entirely expecting - the day opened up interesting and meaningful conversation between myself and Emily and has become a catalysis for change for Emily – something personal to address – won’t say more but it’s a positive start.

Meeting Kaeré face to face was lovely after speaking with her for months and sharing our weekend/mini holiday updates along the way.

My key takeaway from the event

Your words are everything. The words you speak to others, but more importantly to yourself. It is amazing what an effect this can have on your outlook, both daily and throughout your life, by speaking words of encouragement and positivity to yourself.


Having self-love and self-worth and believing in yourself. In order to achieve your dreams and your goals, you need to be your own biggest believer and supporter. Strength comes from within, as well as from family and friends! Practise self-care and know your own worth to achieve your best self.


Creating a strong and positive mind-set and ‘just go for it’ attitude in life. Our mind controls our decisions throughout life, so by focusing on an open mind, uplifting mind-set, we can be in charge of our lives, rather than letting fear and doubt control us.


Review Jane Tour Amanda and Emily

 This next point is not a topic that was specifically talked about by Revie but one that radiated from her throughout her entire talk.

The power of Vulnerability – Revie put herself out there and was so open, honest and raw. So much so, that ladies in the room were tearing up, in awe of her strength and courage. There is incredible power in being vulnerable.

This is something that I am personally going to work on more – being vulnerable! I’m going to learn to embrace my skills, strengths and all my flaws and insecurities. Vulnerability is courageous and certainly not a weakness. Opening up more can bring a greater purpose and meaning to our lives. 

Thanks for the reminder Revie, and thank you for such an amazing, eye-opening experience.


A few fun facts from the day:

  • My daughter Emily was shortlisted and interviewed by Revie last year for her PA position!

  • I cannot parallel park to save my life and have not successfully parallel parked since I was 17! But… on that day, Emily talked me through it and I did it within a couple of minutes! A proud moment and one that I’m glad I have photographic proof of the event!


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July 11, 2019

I loved reading your experience with Revie, Amanda! It’s so lovely when women support and build each other up, and like you said, share in being vulnerable. It sounds like it was an amazing event!

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