A Colourful Reminder by Artist Leah Ladson

Our award winning Business Bestie Planner has had a major glow up! We have brightened the cover but kept all the parts you know and love - so yes, it’s still undated and you can start using it any time!

Our new cover is artist inspired by the amazing Leah Ladson. We’ve been following Leah on Instagram for many years now and absolutely ADORE her. She is a huge supporter of small business and honestly just the loveliest of human beings.

We watched as Leah started up her painting classes and shared her art. One of her creations captured Amanda’s attention straight away and Amanda sent off a message without too much thought - ‘Love it. Wow. This would look so good on a notebook’.

I think it’s pretty obvious where the conversation ended up…

We are THRILLED to have Leah on board and with her strong advocacy and support for small business we couldn’t think of a better product to showcase her art than on our Business Bestie Planner.

Let us introduce you to the wonderful artist Leah Ladson is an emerging artist from Bendigo, Victoria. She is a photographer by trade, but has wanted to express herself through artwork for as long as she can remember. 

In 2023 she decided to take the plunge and put paint to canvas and the rest is history. Her pieces are full of colour and fun (much like her wardrobe) and she finds colour inspiration in everyday places. Leah’s love for acrylics and Poscas transcend traditional art and can be found on Canvas as well as pots and vases.

We loved this painting that Leah created but once we heard the inspiration and story behind it, well we just fell completely in love with it, 1000% times over!

Leah tells the story of her artwork in her own words - 

“A colourful reminder” is the story of colour returning to our lives post-covid and lockdowns, which for many of us, was a really difficult time. I found myself giving birth and home-schooling 2 kids with a newborn in tow for most of it, and it sent me spiralling into a severe burnout. This is the year I decided to put me first and to get myself back. It’s taken a while but I am finally seeing the colour, fun and excitement return to my life and this baby is a reminder to everyone that your colour will return. Maybe not all at the same time, or not the same way as others, but it will come back and you’ll be better than ever. 

Wowsers, we found this so powerful and inspiring and we hope you do too. It has been such a privilege working with Leah and turning her painted canvas into stationery and into a planner that we can all touch and feel.

Our Business Bestie Planner launched in 2022 and later that same year it became an award winner planner.  The stars aligned so perfectly, with stock selling out the following week after Amanda sent off that off the cuff (but genuine) comment to Leah. We are big believers in signs and it looks like we were always meant to use Leah’s artwork for our new business planner. 

Our Business Bestie Planner is a 6-month undated planner that has been meticulously crafted with your success and well-being in mind. We've thoughtfully included every essential tool and resource you need to thrive in your business. Say goodbye to overwhelm and uncertainty, and embrace the feeling of confidence and clarity as you take charge.

With the BBP, as it’s affectionately known, as your loyal companion, you'll step into each day with a clear sense of purpose, knowing exactly what to tackle and let it empower you to achieve your goals. Remember, you are capable of greatness, and your dreams are within reach. 

Grab this limited edition ‘A colourful reminder’ business planner and embrace this powerful tool, infuse it with your passion, and watch your efforts flourish like never before!

Thanks so much to Leah for partnering with us and bringing so much colour and joy into our lives, along with a powerful message of putting ourselves first!

Planner launches 1st October 6.30pm AEST - become a VIP and get early access plus an exclusive free gift!! 

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