6 benefits of meal planning!

You may have heard about meal planning, or been meaning to try it yourself. With a busy week juggling two kids, preschool, daycare and work, it’s a must to ensure our week runs smoothly!

There are so many benefits to meal planning, and the few minutes it takes to sit down once a week and write out what you will have for dinner each night, will actually save you time & money!

Meal planning saves money. Rather than multiple unnecessary supermarket trips throughout the week, you can plan to go once, which is definitely a good reason when carting two kids around the busy shops is less than ideal! It also means that you won’t have ingredients going off before you are able to use them (and you won’t forget about them!)

Meal planning saves time. You won’t have to think about what to have for dinner each night and whether you have the ingredients, as it will be ready to go in the pantry & fridge/freezer. It also saves time at the supermarket as you’ll have a shopping list to stick to!

Meal planning saves your sanity. We’ve all gotten to 6pm and realised we didn’t have meat defrosted! Meal planning will help you be in control and organised, and therefore calmer.

Meal planning allows you to plan a variety of delicious and healthy meals for your family. It’s always great to have a treat like takeaway every now and then, but sitting down planning meals encourages you to plan a variety of dishes, and allows you to consider adding veggies, lean meats and healthy ingredients into your dinners. I know I have often resorted to cereal for dinner when I didn’t have anything planned!

Meal planning encourages you to eat together. If left to the last minute to organise dinner, you may end up chucking a meal together for the kids, and a separate meal later on for you and your husband or partner, and therefore dinner time may feel a little disjointed. Not rushing to throw something together means that ‘witching hour’ as it’s commonly referred to can be a more calm experience for everyone, where you can sit and enjoy dinner together.

Meal planning allows you to be able to make some items ahead of time. If you’ve planned to have rissoles for example one evening, and your kids nap at midday, you might be able to prepare these ahead of time, which is always a life saver when the evening rolls around. You could also chop up your salad items or veggies – anything you can do to save your future-self time is a win!

In the next blog post I’ll delve deeper into the how-to of meal planning but in the meantime, grab yourself one of Padtastic’s notebooks or notepads so you can put pen to paper – I’m using the ‘Beautiful Blooms’ notebook in A5 size which is only $13.95 and can be personalised to you, and a range of meal planning notepads are available as well!

Also, feel free to leave me a comment below - Do you meal plan? What does it look like in your house?


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