5 ways to improve your mindset

One of the biggest hurdles I see my clients face time and time again is they have all the technical skills required to create change in their life, but their mindset holds them back.

So much of the time we tell ourselves we are not good enough, not ready or not deserving, even if it something we really want.  We are great at self-sabotaging and holding ourselves back, but what do we do when we decide enough is enough?

I am assuming if you are reading this, you are an ambitious lady, so at some stage in your life, you are going to want to take a stand and demand more from your life.  That’s the by-product of being a high achiever, second best will not cut it.

So, how do you find the balance of taking care of your mind during a period of change?  It is just as important to improve your mindset as it is your technical skills because without you performing at your optimal, nothing is done optimally.  I love the saying “you can’t pour from an empty cup” and that is so true when it comes to your mind. If you are stressed, overwhelmed, burnt out, confused, anxious - all of the feels, it is going to reflect in your work.

So, to help ease the load, I have put together 5 really simple, quick, yet effective solutions to improve your mindset and wellbeing so you can stop spending time self-sabotaging, and spend more time kicking goals.

  1. Practice Gratitude 

This is the simplest way to create a mindset shift in times of stress or doubt.  It takes less than a minute and can dramatically change the direction of your day.  I find practising gratitude so imperative, that it is now a daily habit and forms part of my morning routine.

When I wake up first thing in the morning or am feeling lost, or overwhelmed, I like to think or even write down three things I am grateful for.  The key though is to be very specific. Most of the time we like to say “I am grateful for my health” - why? Become really clear so you understand the true value.  Something like “I am so grateful to be fit and healthy so that I have the opportunity to go about my day and work towards my dreams without any physical strain” makes you more appreciative of even the simplest things.

Can’t think of something you are grateful for?  How about waking up today? Being given another day on Earth, another chance to be better, do better?  Deep, I know! But I bet you are feeling way more grateful for life right about now.


Improving your mindset


  1. Ditch the To Do list

This is something I have only implemented over the last month and it has changed everything for me!  As a Type A, organised and structured human being, I was letting To Do lists run my life. When I didn’t achieve a task, I would hone in on that and forget everything else I had accomplished for the day, which took a huge toll on my mind.

So to combat that, I decided to ask myself every morning “What do I feel called to do today?”.  Essentially, it is still a to do list, but it puts the power back in my court. I am choosing tasks based on what I feel like doing, not what is required of me.  I only write 3 key tasks down, and make them my priority, and work from there.

When we work from a place of intuition, rather than “hustle” we are far more likely to a. Want to do the tasks at hand and b. Find more flow in our day rather than resistance and stress.

  1. Engage in positive self-talk 

This is a big one.  Our thoughts become our reality, right?  So if you are constantly telling yourself you are too stressed, don’t have enough time, aren’t smart enough, that will be your reality.  It is really important to treat yourself just the way you would treat your loved ones, with the utmost respect and love.

I want you to imagine for a second you have succeeded in whatever endeavour you want to follow.  What does that woman look like? Is she smart, in control, has time and freedom to do what she wants?  Cool! Start telling yourself that.

Research has shown that our minds don’t know the difference between imagination and reality.  When you think and talk to yourself as if you have already achieved your goals, guess what’s going to be easy?  Achieving those goals.

Write down 3 phrases you can say to yourself every morning, even on the days you don’t believe it and see how your mindset and self-worth shifts.  If I am being honest, there was a point in my life where I had to tell myself “I am happy” multiple times a day for months, until one day, I was happy, that was my reality and I really think I changed that for myself.


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  1. Change the script

Sometimes in life, there are things that happen to us that seem out of our control, or can’t be resolved immediately.  They bring us down and make us question everything. It’s all we think about, and it affects the way we live our life.

For example, say you are in credit card debt and aren’t earning enough to get out of it.  It is all you think about, it consumes you and the decisions you make.

I really encourage you to change the way you look at these struggles.  For example, how lucky are you to have a credit card that helps you pay off debts or buy the things you desperately needed at the time?

By putting a positive spin on your struggles, you are allowing your mind to shift perspectives and in different perspectives, you can find different solutions.

  1. Set boundaries around technology 

Finally, probably the most important improvement to your mindset that can be done in less than 5 minutes, is to be very intentional with your technology time, especially social media.

The toll these platforms can have on your mindset can be detrimental, so be super self-aware of how much and what you are consuming.

Turn your phone off during work periods and family time, and then treat yourself during a break.  Having no boundaries disrupts the flow of your day and one post has the power to ruin your whole day, so set boundaries and stay strong, your mind will thank you for it.

Every one of these tips can be done instantly.  Shifting your mindset doesn’t take hours of meditation or journaling, it’s more about making multiple small steps that add up to a happier, and healthier mindset.  When you are in that better space, everything else in your life will improve as well.


Guest Blogger - Casey - The Real Her Project

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