5 Ways To Fit More Of "What Matters" Into Your Day (Part 1)

Do you ever feel like time is passing you by? So much so, that it is hard to keep up. I hear you, my friends. We live in a time where life is the busiest it has ever been and one where sooo many people feel under pressure to fit more in a day.


...so what can we do to make the days count? How can we do things in a way that gives us back time? How do we use this time to do the things we love… you know, those things that really matter the most to us.


At celebrateplay, PLAY is one of the things that matters most to us. We know that play is the basis of learning… learning with authenticity, learning with passion, learning with a joy that leads to lifelong learning. And there are so many of you, my friends out there, that feel the same. You’re the Mumma pinning play ideas, you’re the Mumma saving tp rolls and cardboard boxes for the next DIY play project in mind, you’re the Mumma snapping your pics of play inspiration and sharing it with others, you’re the Mumma saving play ideas from the gram to try with your little ones , you’re the Mumma shuffling your play spaces around to make them look pretty and feel practical and you are the Mumma looking for ways to help you fit more PLAY into your days. Because *that* is what matters most to you.


In this three part blog, we are sharing five strategies that have helped us to fit more of what matters most to us with the confidence it can work for you too.


However, these strategies are not limited to the PLAYmate Mummas joining us here, but also to the ladies striving for simplicity or searching for ways to live their days with greater intention...making it a read for everyone and one you don't want to miss. So, grab a cuppa, a notepad and pen, curl up and enjoy!!


Tips Getting Organised


WRITE IT DOWN, MAKE IT HAPPEN - In a time where we lead such busy schedules we often require the use of calendars, planners, diaries, apps and so forth to help us remember it all.

But the organisational planner warm and fuzzies, don’t just stop there… research indicates by writing things down, we are more likely to follow through with action, be more productive, comprehend new ideas and furthermore, it is key for effective learning. Powerful stuff, right? We think so too… so how can this help us to fit more of ‘what matters’ in a day.

The answer is WRITING A PLAN...putting pen to paper in the form of goals, aspirations, gratitude, milestones, to-do list, priorities, health, exercise, shopping, meal ideas and for us, PLAY. Now, this isn’t to say everything will go to plan because it is written down, because, let’s face it, that is not the nature of life, but what it does mean is there are opportunities to feel a sense of clarity, creativity, design, achievement, purpose with this little bit of planned forethought.  

Let’s talk more about how this looks like for the PLAYtime Mummas. This is what we call PLANNING FOR PLAYschedule blocking a regular and set time to write down some play ideas for the day/week ahead in your daily planner. No different to how you would plan your regular weekly routine and schedule.

For us, this is a task we completed on Sundays to help us start the week ahead. Anyone else feel like a Sunday well spent leads to a week of content?
We write down any resource and activity ideas that come to mind (often based on our little learners’ interests and skills) and then allocate them to a day that fits around our daily routine and schedule. Now, I say “schedule” meaning those tasks that are non-negotiables, that are met with a deadline or require us to be at a certain place at a certain time. And routine meaning all of the other things we do in the same order but are not bound by set times. Once the play ideas have been allocated to our daily plan, we follow it each week.


Planner Organised


With this little bit of planned forethought, we are instantly able to add more PLAY to our days in a meaningful way.

Goodbye to those moments of trying to think of what the little ones can play with on the spot and not having it set up quick enough for their eager little hands.

Read Part 2 of "5 Ways To Fit More Of "What Matters" Into Your Day" here.

Do you use any tips like this in your home? We'd love to know - share your tips with us in the comments!



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