5 Ways Planning Is Good For Your Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

You rush around stressed out all day. You feel behind the clock. Exhausted. Your brain doesn’t want to work anymore. You feel fried. Frazzled.

This is not the way you want to live your life! The stress is causing you to experience anxiety. You are stress eating all the carbs and sugar just so you can try to keep up the crazy pace you think you need to keep so that you can get everything done. This makes you get all the colds and annoying sickness that come around. You don’t have any energy because you aren’t sleeping, you aren’t moving your body, and you aren’t eating right.

You are discouraged. Which drains your energy as well. Your stress is making you snap at your partner and your children. Your boss irritates you more than she really should. The stress is eating away at your personal life and your happiness!

So how are you going to fix this? What can you do?



That’s right! Strategic planning will actually help you live a fuller, more beautiful life! It will wash away so much of the stress you have been carrying. You won’t be as frazzled or feel like your brain is in overload anymore. You will start to feel full of energy again! And you will even be healthier! Does this sound crazy? It’s not!


It will make you less stressed


When you strategically plan each and every day you don’t just make a to-do list; it’s more than that.

A to-do list gets all of the things you need to accomplish and puts them on paper where you can see them and stop thinking about them. Which is a good thing!

But strategic planning is even better. Strategic planning is where you take the most important things that you need to do - your top 3 or your top 5 - and you find a place for them in your day first.

If you need to, you find a babysitter or family member, so that you can get that extra hour of work in, or you wake up a little extra early so that you can answer client emails. You find a way to make it happen by getting creative! And then you fit in some other to-dos that you have on your list, if time allows.

Don’t forget to plan for life things too, such as family time and doing laundry and even the kitchen cleanup. You get smart about your day and what you need to do rather than trying to do everything all the time.


It will help you sleep better


When you have your day mapped out and you can see clearly how you can get the most important tasks done each day (rather than just having a list that reminds you of all the things you need to do), you won’t be beating yourself up at night because you didn’t get your most important tasks done.

You won’t be wondering how you can fit everything into your day because you know you have, well, a plan!

You will be able to go to bed with peace of mind and that leads to much better quality sleep! (Especially if you pair it with a gratitude practice!


It will improve your relationships


When you are stressed out and overwhelmed, you can get more easily frustrated with those that you love. You snap at them. Then later you regret it. You apologise. But you come away feeling like a failure and your family feels hurt and upset.

But when you strategically plan your day and ultimately reduce your stress level, you will be able to be more patient with your family. You will be able to breathe a little more easily (because let’s face it, when you are feeling stressed out, it can feel like you are carrying around a 50-kilo backpack), once this is removed or reduced in weight, you actually can relax and enjoy your time with your family and your relationships will flourish!



It will keep you healthier


When you strategically plan your day, you will plan in time to sleep! Which we all know is good for our mental and physical health. You will also make time to exercise. And you will plan your day so that you can eat healthily. Plus, you won’t forget those all-important things like doctors appointments and dentist appointments!


It will make you happier 


Planning your day will also make you happy! I know. How can more structure and planning make you feel freer and happier?

Well, when your day is organised you will feel less stressed and less overwhelmed! You will accomplish all the things that are most important to you.

It will allow you to spend more time with your family because you are able to section your important tasks into specific parts of the day, leaving the rest of your day to be spent on what lights you up the most. Isn’t more space in your day, having family time, and the more important tasks accomplished really the definition of happiness.

Plus, we need space to be able to feel the emotion of happiness for longer than the quick second that a passing success brings us and planning certainly helps give us this space.


So, are you ready to feel happier? To be healthier than ever before? To finally start that vegan or keto diet you’ve been wanting to start? To have better quality sleep? To reduce much of your stress? Then it’s time to give planning your day a try! We have some helpful tools to get you started, check out our stunning planning notepads that will help you live a more beautiful and meaning-filled life!



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