5 signs you have a bad relationship with money

Did you ever hear in your household as a child (or maybe you still hear it from your family or friends) “We can’t afford that”, or “I don’t have the money for it right now”, or “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, or “Save all your money and don’t spend a cent”? If any of these resonate, and you still catch yourself saying some of these words, it might be time to do a money mindset intervention. 

We may not realise it, but hearing these kinds of words as a child can actually do A LOT of harm later in life when it comes to money, where to invest it, when to save it, and how to manage it. 

#1 Words Trigger You and You Instantly Feel Stressed

I’m 28 years old and it’s taken me 10 years since moving out of home to come to terms with the fact that my money mindset has been pretty bad, and it’s taken a lot of work to shake old belief patterns and look at money differently. 

I heard a lot in my household as a child, “we can’t afford that” and “we don’t have any money”. And ever since then the emotion I relate money to is stress. That’s a pretty unhealthy relationship to have with money. 

I would catch myself saying “I can’t afford that” to a $10 meal, or a movie ticket, or a coffee! When in fact, I COULD afford it. But because I had been told to squirrel my money away and never spend a cent, I would instantly worry anytime I was asked to go out for dinner, or to just spend money in general. 

Write down all the sayings, or words you heard as a child to do with money. Identify which ones bring you stress.

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#2 What Would You Do If You Won The Lotto?

When posed with this question, some people have said that they would have no idea what to do with the winnings, which is red flag number one. And then you hear those stories of people who win and lose it all because they have no idea how to manage that much cash...they may not believe they deserve to be wealthy. 

I’ve asked myself this question many times. What would I do if I had 1 million dollars? My first answer is always to invest. Invest in property, the stock market, invest in SOMETHING and make your money work for you. Sure, I’d pay off my uni debt and my parent’s debt, I’d go overseas and travel, but I’d never spend ALL of it. 

The thing is, if you have no idea what you would do with 1 million dollars, you’re instantly shutting yourself off from even receiving any kind of large amount of money. Because you’re simply not ready for it. If you truly want to be wealthy, you need to know WHERE that money you’re GOING to earn is going to go.


#3 You're Scared To Invest 

We’ve all heard the saying “the best investment is in yourself”. Well, it’s 100% damn true. Because if you don’t invest in yourself then why should anyone else?

Often we get put off by up-front costs. It’s that big number we’re asked for fork out at once for something and we can’t see anything past that number.

For example, when my partner and I launched our product based business, yea it was pretty scary to fork out thousands of dollars on a product. However, 6 months later we were in profit. And I looked at it from the way that we were just temporarily putting our money into this product, only to get it back a couple of months later. 

When it comes to investing, we have to think long-term and get past that initial “omg that’s so much money” phase.

#4 You’re afraid to look at your bank account.

Guilty! There have been so many times I’ve been scared to even log into my bank account and see how much I owe on my credit card. 

But the thing is, we need to be best friends with our bank account to ensure we are meeting our money goals and managing WHERE our money is going.

For example, if you own your own business, you’ll want to ensure you’re dividing up your income into different accounts to account for income tax, GST, savings, spending money, investing money….whichever way you want to set it up. Have different accounts for different purposes and check in with yourself once or twice a month to update your accounts. Automation is also pretty cool. 

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#5 You’re Not Making Money Goals

Does making $30k per month seem unattainable? Out of reach? A fairytale? That’s how it used to feel like to me but now after setting some money goals and actually hitting them, I know that I can hit this number eventually and that I DESERVE to hit this number. 

Start small. I used to think 5k per month was a lot! Once you hit the goal, up it another 5k. And so on and so forth. You’ll begin to believe that it’s not out of reach and that there are things you CAN do to bring this money into your life.

I like to break it down and identify HOW I’m going to make this money. I write down all the income stream I currently have for example:

  • Product photography
  • Personal Branding photography
  • Videography
  • Presets
  • Ebooks
  • Digital Course
  • 1:1 coaching

And I work out how much I want to make from each stream. When you eventually add it up, that 5k or 10k seems pretty easy to attain! 

I also write down where I want that 10k to then GO after I earn it. Some will go to my savings, tax purposes, bills etc...but I then identify where I want to re-invest that money back into my business. Will I buy another course? Spend it on Facebook ads? Hire a coach? Whatever it is, make sure you RE-INVEST some of that money back into YOU. 

Your Takeaway

Your money mindset is SO important to attend to. We need to ensure it’s not a reason that we hold back from investing in ourselves, our business, our lifestyle, or our dreams. It can take a bit of work to ‘fix’ but working on it every single day, I promise you will see a huge difference. 


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