3 Simple Steps For Getting More From Each Day

 A question I have been asked in recent years is how I achieve so much in such little time.

I’m not surprised by people’s curiosity: after all, I did publish 9 books in just under 6 years while winning entrepreneurial awards, launching global projects, speaking on stage, and coaching authors!

The truth is that I am a busy woman who loves being productive.

But beyond this, I know that learning to efficiently manage my time has been a crucial contributing factor to not only starting but successfully completing many projects – which is where the results are!

So, how can YOU achieve more every day?

The following are 3 simple steps that will help you get the most from your time:

STEP 1: Be clear on your long-term goals

People who have a clear picture in mind about how they want their life to be and who have specific goals achieve more than people who don’t.

So, the first tip to get more from your time is to get clear on what you want your future to be like.

Reflect on these questions to get started:
• Where do you want to live? In what type of home?
• What would you love to do for work? Own a business or have a career?
• How much would you love to earn? What is your wealth-building strategy?
• What would you love your body and relationships to be like?
• What experiences would you love to have?

Then, set three 12-week (short-term) and five long term (5 years or more) goals for yourself. Write them down and keep them in a place you can see them daily.

STEP 2: List out everything you need to do… and organise it!

The comment I hear most often from people who want to write books or achieve their goals is that they don’t have enough time.

This is often because we say “Yes” to an opportunity instead of carefully considering whether it helps us move towards our long-term goals. When we take on too much without a plan in mind, we end up being over-committed and burned out.

This exercise will help you to start freeing up your time and energy:
• Take out a notebook or notepad and write down all the commitments, projects and responsibilities you have right now.
• Think about your short-term and long-term goals.
• Identify the most important commitments, projects and responsibilities that will help you achieve your goals – no more than 5!
• Identify the least important ones. Then...
• Decide to either finish, say no to, or delegate the least important ones.

Be sure to rate your ‘to-do’s according to how profitable, inspiring or meaningful they are for you – and remember that not everything is urgent, even if it feels that way!

STEP 3: Use time blocking in your diary

The third step is to start time-blocking.

Time-blocking simply means grouping similar tasks together in your diary each week. For example, complete all your administration in one two-hour block. Complete your creative project inside another time block.

This will keep your time organized and increase your daily output!

Be sure to ONLY focus on that priority during the time block you’ve allocated: It’s not healthy or productive to multi-task.


Follow these 3 simple steps to get more from every day of your life so you can make progress on the most important goals and live the most inspiring life possible!

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